June 28, 2014

Next Stop Malevik...Have Your Smelling Salts Ready!

in sweden there is a magical land...

the land called malevik.

and in this magical land...

there is a magical garden...

a garden that surely must rival eden!

and the green-thumbed magician and flower-whisperer

behind THE ROSE GARDEN IN MALEVIK is hakan...

who fills his blog with gorgeous flower arrangements...


and vignettes...

that will leave you weak in the knees...

 and, possibly...packing your bags for sweden!!!


hakan also creates beautiful tablescapes!

adores chalk paint and furniture re-habs!


even crafts & tutorials...and,
naturally...garden tips!!!

a true renaissance man!!!

his glorious "orangerie" has been recently completed and i am 
NOT including a picture because you really must pop over and see 
it for yourself!!!
ps. and orangerie is a really awesome architecturally fabulous building! ;}

you will be there for hours...trust me!!!! ;}



  1. So glad you did this post. I had forgotten all about that wonder site. I must go visit again.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post of beautiful photos. I'm going over to visit the blog now. Wishing you a happy July 4th this week. Blessings, Pam


love to hear from you! ;}