March 7, 2014

Who Wants To Lick The Bowl?


PYREX bowls...
they came in many colors...
as a matter of fact, apparently there was a set of several colors!
ours must have all broken before i was born, since i only have a memory of 
the BIG YELLOW BOWL was the home to popcorn and cookie dough...
and the sweetest words a kid could ever hear were,
"who wants to like the bowl?"
do you have PYREX bowl memories?


  1. Hey! You aren't gong to believe this- I have our BIG YELLOW PYREX bowl. yes. I . do. As I say that I am wondering if I left it at my daughter's house...because it is not in with my regular bowls. uh-oh- kinda feeling a tad panicky about that now. Sometimes I never get things back that I leave over there- xo Diana

  2. Everything in our house was Pyrex when I was little, but the colourful stuff was for the oven. Mixing bowls were plain glass, but we did get to lick the bowl. Nowadays, I give that pleasure to my husband!

  3. Mum had a square yellow Pyrex dish with a lid that was probably for casseroles and such but, I remember stewed tomato casseroles in it and also lemon pudding with meringue on top served in it. I can't remember what kind of bowl she mixed up cookies in. I 'inherited' the bowl minus the lid when I moved into my own place but it's long gone now. We got several 70's butterfly gold and avocado green sets of bowls and casseroles when we got married. I'm down to one of the butterfly gold ones (got rid of the rest) as it matches my Corelle Butterfly Gold dishes that we've use every single day for the past almost 37 years. :)

  4. Hi OC! I have lots of memories of pyrex bowls growing up in the 50s & 60s. I have always loved the aqua blue bowl sets and hubby surprised me with a set for Christmas a couple yrs ago. I use them all the time and now that I have grands, if they're not here I lick the bowl myself!! Life's short... lick the bowl!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  5. I love my pyrex bowls, I have all shapes and sizes. Love pink ones.

  6. I have that big yellow one!

    I vaguely remember a red one in my childhood.
    It's the one my mom made whip cream in.
    I would think that I would remember our bowls more specifically because I baked a lot.
    I don't think there was a single pink item in our home, though!
    I remember that!

  7. My mother was an excellent cook, and loved licking the bowls. The color of the dish did not matter to me.

  8. My mom had those bowls...lots of delicious memories were mixed up in that Pyrex!
    Thank you for sharing some warm memories!

  9. I also remember the yellow bowl with great memories baking up something wonderful. Did we lick the bowl? Absolutely!!

  10. I sure do and now I'm on the hunt for vintage Pyrex! It was such a treat to lick the bowl. Oh, Most Sprakly One! I thought I had lost you. Well, I guess I had. Blogger decided to eat up all of the blogs I follow a while back and I'm trying to get back on track. I've got you plugged in now! Thanks for popping in to see me and I hope you're doing well!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. Oh, that pink Pyrex! Love it! What a great shade of pink. That color AND licking the bowl would have sent me into fits of sublime ecstasy.

    I don't remember colorful mixing bowls because my grandmother had clear ones and white ones, but I do remember the pure unadulterated joy in licking the bowl. Heaven! My mother left the goodie baking to Granny, and she always came through! ;-)



  12. Mom gave me her set of pyrex bowls (including the big yellow one). Loved reading about your memories. Mom also says that she didn't tell us kids just how good licking the bowl was until she was good and ready to share the goodness. It is "the best" isn't it?
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Happy Pink sat.That sign is adorable.I always lick the bowl.Cuteness

  14. I don't remember the Pyrex colors but sure do remember, "Who want to lick the bowl (and the beaters?")


  15. Thank you for your visit. Such a cute one, and I always lick the bowl. (Don`t tell anyone).

  16. I love Pyrex and use it in all my cooking and baking! Licking the bowl..LOL! That makes me want to bake a cake just for the icing! :) Hope you are having a nice Sunday!
    Smiles, Bebe


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