March 3, 2014

Seaside Tinkered Treasures...

she tinkers seashells by the seashore...

newest bundle of joy, aka little sister!
ok, so, technically she is called SEASIDE TINKERED TREASURES
so i suppose we should be calling her that today since this is her official blog tour!
oh yes, and her proud mamma is part of the tour too! and Elyse,
the busy authoress was kind enough to make time to answer a few questions
for me to share with all of you...a little insight into her tinkered and treasured

Were you crafty as a child? Or did this "love of tinkering" develop later in life?

Well, M… If I may call you M. {you may, chica!} I have always loved tinkering because as you know, when we were kids, they weren’t craft superstores and so supplies were mostly what you had on hand (a popsicle stick, a button, a small matchbox) plus coveted small amounts of felt or pipe cleaners or glitter.

 Did being a Rhode Island beach babe influence the seaside tinkerings theme of your new book?

Rhode Islander, absolutely? Babe, not so much (I’m more Amy than Penny). I love Rhode Island and coastal New England in general. This book was very much influenced by spending a couple of summers at a friend’s beach cottage on Cape Cod. Decorating tight spaces on a dime, finding things to do on a rainy day near the beach, trolling the junkiest of souvenir shops (my faves).

 Are you passing on your love of tinkering to your children? Or do they just roll their eyes when they see mom gathering twigs and spray painting everything a pretty pastel color?

My boys have very creative minds and it’s delightful to witness. My youngest is constantly using his Legos tobuild all kinds of astonishing custom structures and that’s very much what tinkering is all about – fiddling around and constructing from what you have at hand. Of course when my boys and I craft together, the outcomes are very different. While I’m fashioning princesses from clothespins, they’re making superheroes and villains. They “get” my color preferences, in fact recently I was spray-painting tin cans a bright orange and they were like, “Mom?!” but they were pencil holders for their desks.

What do all of your old friends from your "punk rocker" past think about you being the Martha Stewart of Rhode Island and a crafty authoress?

My punk rock pals are so proud of me! Even in my younger days when I was the DJ at punk rock clubs, I still had a “pretty things” aesthetic -- sort of Thrift Shop Skipper doll meets Jan Brady -- and it still kind of is. I’m thinking of doing some craft videos and asked some friends in a band if they’ll record an opening theme song!
Stay tuned.

 Have you picked out the cardi & flats you will wear when you do get your own TV show?

I’ll leave that to Wardrobe. Ha! Actually on March 6 I’m going to be on Rhode Island PBS for about two minutes and I plan to wear a pink gingham shirt dress with an aqua cardi.

You are quite pithy and punny and obviously have the "wordsmith" thing going, like Lorelei Gilmore...any plans for a novel in your future? A series of Tinkered Mysteries?

Thank you! I love words and enjoy tinkering with them as well. Hmmm … Tinkered Mysteries, eh? When I was eleven I wrote a mystery called Sharon Wright: Monster in the Snow. Now, where is that?!

What did it feel like when you FINALLY had your book in your hands...when you could
smell and touch your "baby"?

It is crazy-awesome and surreal. To see the projects that I made at my dining room table now styled, photographed and presented is the most beautiful way by CICO Books is nearly incomprehensible even with asecond book. It’s a dream and I’m so honored and thankful always.

Thank you so much for being part of this blog tour! As you know, I’m a longtime admirer of your wonderfully beachy and glittery work and wicked awesome humor!
xo elyse

well, thank you ever so much, Tink, for this little window into your world!
all of us in bloglandia who have known you for a hundred million years
are just pleased as punch to see your successes multiply!!!
truly could NOT happen to a nicer person!! ;}
and i know i am not the only one who is looking forward to a steady
stream of craftiness, tinkerings and books from you...
for years to come!



 Seaside Tinkered Treasures by Elyse Major is published by CICO Books and is available from


  1. awww! you're the bestest, chickpea! thank you for being part of this blog tour and for being such a constant cheerleader for me. it means so much! now at the same time, we must put on "whisper to a scream" and dance simultaneously to celebrate!


  2. Oh- What a wonderful interview. I just love that girl! She is so sweet and SO talented....kinda like someone else i know here, M! xo Diana

  3. What a lovely book ~ I'll have to check into it! Things made from the sea are really pretty ~ I love that seashell wreath.
    Smiles, Bebe :)

  4. Thanks for introducing us to Elyse and her crafty books. She is very talented and I love her little popsicle stick houses. You two sure are crafty ladies and I think you both make the cutest things ever!!

  5. This was fun to read, thanks for aharing,

  6. Ever since I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Elyse recently , I wondered who she reminded me of and couldn't place her, until now, Lorelei Gilmore! Thank you!
    I have so many crafty friends that I have recommended her bookS to with wonderful feedback!
    Keep 'em coming Elyse!

    1. lorelai gilmore! i'll take it!


  7. Oh what a beautiful book! I live in Florida and have jars and jars of seashells! Looks like I could learn a lot from this book...and have fun, too! Sweet hugs, Diane


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