March 30, 2014

Easy Peasy Doodled Easter Eggs...


grab an egg...boiled or blown out.
grab a marker...i think sharpies work best.
ready, set...doodle!!!!
google design ideas or just use your imagination.
add a name to use them as place markers for your Easter table.
easy peasy and ready to go in seconds!!!
and, much like munchos, once you start...they are a bit addictive! ;}


  1. These are so darn cute. I wonder what the girls would think if I doodled on their eggs and then took them back out to the coop? :D I bet it might be awhile before I see any more.

    The earthquake in CA had to have been a scare. I know you guys are used to it, but how used to it can a person get? The weird thing is, is that we got a quake in Challis, Idaho on Mar 24th and then Yellowstone got one 7 days later on the 30th. I think we might have to keep our pretties off the wall until the west decides to settle down a bit, don't you?
    much love....


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