January 18, 2014

The Greatest Of These...LOVE!


baby steps!
able to have 2 applications open at one time today!
wooooohoooooo! ;}
so, i thought i'd share a little pinkness!
{must thank my niece, monkeypie, for all her help! ;}
back to tweaking and purging...with fingers crossed!
i WILL whip this dumb mac back into shape!!!!


  1. I love this graphic! Glad things are going better with the computer.

  2. Keep it up - you're making progress!

  3. Happy pink Saturday! I am totally rubbish at all things computer related - my husband set up my ipad and i just play with it!

  4. I'm lovin' your pretty pink image my dear. I also am totally in love with your Valentine banner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    much love...


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