January 21, 2014

Let Me Call You Sea-weetheart...


my version of a sailor's valentine...
a bit minimalist and simple...
but then i didn't have the luxury of working on it
for months on end while sailing around the world! ;}
i might have to try this again...and make it a bit more


  1. VERY cute! Looks like it be on a trivet base? So sea-weet! xo Diana

  2. Absolutely love it! You did a fabulous job, just like those romantic sailors. :)

  3. Love your sailors valentine. Some day I'm going to make one. Yours is an inspiration.

  4. Love this and it does look like a sailor made it ;-)

  5. OH-boy, do I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what you could have done on the Mayflower????
    much love....

  6. I've always loved to see sailors art. It's so interesting wondering where it's been while being created. How many ports of call was it in? What oceans did it cross? Who was the sweetheart waiting to receive it? So fun to imagine it's story.
    Yours is wonderful! The heart shells in the corners really set it off and who doesn't love a starfish!
    Blessings, Edie Marie

  7. This is so pretty - although I've seen other forms of sailor's art I've never come across valentines before.

  8. Lovely! The corner 'hearts' are so pretty.


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