January 19, 2014

I ❤ Hearts!


do you make a big "to-do" over valentine's day?

do you decorate?
even a little?


or is that too much work after taking down all you
Christmas decorations...
are they still up???!!! ;}
{if they are still up...i REALLY like you!! ;}


a day that's about the giving of candy...
is right up my alley...but that's just me! ;}
do you ❤ valentine's day?


  1. I just took down my favorite 3 ft. white christmas tree yesterday. When putting away all the christmas decor, I just couldn't put this one away. It only had twinkle lights so it looked more wintry than christmasy. I DO decorate for valentines. Not as much as I did when the kids were wee ones. I always hosted a valentine party for them and their friends. Your photos are exactly what I love about valentines!!!!!

  2. I just got all the decoration put away from Christmas and even find a thing or two around. So I'm still burned out after Christmas. So, I won't be doing much - think I will concentrate more on Easter and Spring.
    Love all your hearts and decorations.

  3. My Christmas decorations are down and put away. Still ahve a few snowmen that have been keeping me company however they are coming down in the next day or so. I don't do Valentine's Day totally, but always have touches of red hanging around....it makes me happy!! Table decorations of red with baby's breath is calling my name!!! And hope to get some new pillow covers made to change up the seasons.

  4. You have createt such wonderful atmosphere!

  5. I've been changing up my decor a bit towards Valentine's Day. I always start with my china hutch as that's what I see most of the day. :) I have very few 'new' decorations and a few vintage cards that I sit out or hang. Not actual heart decor. But I also enjoy adding some pinks and a bit of red to my decor. I'm not into kitchy Valentine stuff and never go overboard. It seems we are to be away for the heart day again this year too, so it doesn't take precedence. I like your photos and the ones of the living room look so sweet. Having a white palette certainly helps! Have a great Monday.

  6. You like me! You like me! I just started tasking the porch tree down but everything else is still up!

    Oh and you know I like hearts, too. ♥

  7. Hi OC,

    Such a pretty colourful post! We don't really do much about Valentine's day in Holland. You can buy things in the shop or send your loved one flowers, but I think it's not as popular as in the US.

    Hope you will get your candy (lots of it)!!!! :-)

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  8. Ooh. I love hearts too! I make heart shaped cakes, toast etc on heart decorated plates for. Valentine's Day,


love to hear from you! ;}