January 25, 2014

Got Snow?


need a little spring? ;} make a tiny birdcage from an old plastic bottle cap
and some scraps of paper! 
{and hang it in front of the window to distract you...as you watch the snow pile up! ;}

sorry! that was uncalled for...
i will go punish myself with a cherry turnover!
bad me! bad!


  1. Too cute! I will punish myself with a blueberry turnover!! I have one calling my name....SANDI , SANDI...LOL!!

  2. Oh my gosh......I'm just licking my lips from enjoying a raspberry turnover! (Twilight Zone music playing faintly in my ears).
    I gotta make your little birdcage just to honor your humor - she said from the Sunshine State. hahahahaha

  3. Sweet! I wish we had snow, nothing but rain here for weeks!

  4. I snickered. You are funny. The cherry turnover sounds really good. :0

  5. That is just the cutest ever! Just please, please don't say the S word. ;)


  6. We have so much snow (and it is snowing again), that I can't bear to look out the windows right now. ;-) ~ I am going to make your little bird cage and hang it and think of you every time I look at it. You are so funny ~


love to hear from you! ;}