January 11, 2014

Christmas Future Is Far Away...Christmas Past Is Past...

do you feel a little "let down" on december 26?
heck...december 25th even! after the presents have been opened
and the floor is a foot deep in wrapping paper and bows...


not that "it" wasn't all it should be...
every perfect present bought, wrapped, given and received...
but that the month FLEW by in a flash of shopping,
swiping credits cards and RUSH!
and that you somehow "missed" it...
the lights...
the beauty...
the WONDER of Christmas.
the older i get, the more it seems that only children
can fully appreciate it...comprehend it...
and it makes me understand the call to be "as children".
here's to a CHILDLIKE Christmas in 2014!


  1. I understand, completely. The way that I handle it is to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas. Christmas Eve is the first day, and so on through to January 6th. I take the tree down after that. I find that all the hype in the work-up to Christmas in December is often mistaken for the actual celebration - next year give it a try!

  2. Amen- Ours was very rushed this year with the season starting off with a very sick baby---we were all behind from the get-go. I am glad for another year to be here----xo Diana

  3. Here,here! I so agree with you! My tree is still up but coming down today after church. :( But it's only 346 days til Christmas 2014! :) Your Christmas photos are so beautiful.
    love, rosie

  4. I feel the same way. We are called to be child like in many things. That's how we are blessed ;-)

  5. I love this photo of the little one in awe of the tree. I agree, we don't really enjoy Christmas and it's meaning in all our rush to be perfect. I left our tree up until Jan. 6 for the first time and rather enjoyed it. Happy new year blessings to you!

  6. Oh my goodness what a darling image! Such a pretty tree and adorable little one. Yes...time marches on...but Valentine's day is just around the corner which makes me happy. Sending you some happy hugs and oodles of blessings. xox


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