January 26, 2014

Change of Heart...


what does your valentine love?
because not everyone does back flips over a box of candy!
{not that i can remotely understand such a thing...it was even hard for me
to type! but it is true...you know the type...they enjoy breathing after they
have zipped up their jeans! wimps! i say, God invented elastic for a reason!
but...i digress ;}


for those "uncandy" valentines in your life...
use an empty heart/candy box and tiny muffin papers to create the look of a candy box...
with personalized treats that your valentine would desire!
i was fresh out of diamonds and gold coins...so, i 
went with blinged shells.
use your imagination to make a very personal gift for the one{s}
you ❤!!!


  1. Oooo that is gorgeous! I'd like that for a gift myself. You are so talented and creative.

  2. awww...no fat, just pretty delights!

  3. That is just the cutest Valentine idea I have seen in a long time. Wouldn't that be cute filled with little barrettes and bracelets and such for a little girl? xo Diana

  4. The little shells with the glitter looks like candy-so you can dream its so.

  5. Oh so pretty and completely sugar and fat free!

  6. Absolutely GORGEOUS, especially for this sea lover.


love to hear from you! ;}