December 12, 2013

Vintage Christmas Ornament Rehab...


do your vintage ornaments lack luster?
do they poop out at parties?
{what's that from? ha! ;}
well, no need for vitameatavegamin!
although not all vintage ornies are in awesome shape when
purchased...{some have had harder lives than others...
and they look like it!!!} don't let that stop you from buying them!
especially if they are super cheap!!!!!


 because those peely, cracky, yucky ornies...with just a bit of TLC...
can look like these in no time at all!!!
{yes, the whole lot above were ugly and nasty and were reborn as
glittering silvery jewels!! ;}

here's all you do:
to give new life to a nasty vintage ornament, simply:
run hot water over the outside of the ornament
***place tape or your finger over the opening!
DO NOT get water inside the bulb!!! that's where all the
gorgeous silvery mercury color lives!***
a little scrubby scrubby to get that stubborn color off...ok,
sometimes i had to use a butter knife too! ;} Some take
30 seconds, some take a few minutes...but the result is

now dig out those ugly ornies and GO TO TOWN!!!!!!
{and i would LOVE to see your results!!!!!}


  1. Such a cute post and good tips! I love vintage ornaments. We have a few and yes, they have lost a bit of their pretty.


  2. I do like vintage ornaments

  3. I have also just wiped mine with a damp paper towel to clean off the dullness. Your's are really pretty. I didn't put mine on the tree this year but I have a few here and there in my decor.

  4. It never entered my head to refurbish Christmas stuff , thanks for the tip

  5. Who knew! What a great idea. I've got a few that need some work and thanks for the tip.


  6. You are SO SMART. I bow down to your bulbiness! xo Diana

  7. I'm so glad you decided to open your own rehab center for dirty and lonely little 'not so shiny brights'!!!

    I am in LOVE with your new header!!!!!!!! It's so pretty!!!
    much love from here in the freezing cold tundra...send some warmth will ya???

  8. How incredible is that?? I'm gonna try that on a couple that look pretty darn sad. Thanks for the great tip Oc...

    Blessings, Edie Marie with a Christmas pin on her jammies!


love to hear from you! ;}