December 14, 2013

If Teacups Could Talk...


i ADORE this cup!
not just because it's gorgeous...but because it's so old!
do you remember that series on HGTV, called "If Walls Could Talk"?
i LOVED intriguing!!! and i wonder what stories this
set would have to tell...surely having been a "fly on the wall" for
many an interesting conversation! imagine...
wondering what the 20th century would be like?
worrying about WWI...then WWII...
all those motorcars! the scandalous roaring 20's!!!
an on and on...
speak little teacup!
tell me some stories! ;}

and i am reminded that there is actually an adorable
that i bet you'd all love!


  1. What a sweet tea cup ~ I love it ~

  2. That teacup is to die for! So very sweet.......

  3. A beautiful teacup and image what stories it could tell.

  4. So pretty and one of a kind. Precious!

  5. Isn't it a miracle that these things have lasted through the years? It's so pretty sitting there with it's birth date on it. I'm not that brave :))) I loved your pretty tree in your previous post and thank you for the link to Boppy's tutorial.
    much love...

  6. What a darling, darling tea cup. I just love it. I love those things that have survived the years and remain intact. I loved that "If Walls Could Talk" show,too. All the good shows seem to have fallen by the wayside. I also liked the Moving Up series with Doug in it-although that may have been a TLC show. xo Diana

  7. When I think about how many dishes of mine *have* broke through the years, it's amazing! ♥

  8. Oh, how I love this! My Grandpa was born in 1901. He had some wonderful stories.
    Just beautiful!!

  9. What a gorgeous little teacup! Love it.


love to hear from you! ;}