December 2, 2013


once a year i haunt BOSCOV'S
a store that i had never even heard of until a couple
years ago...but i digress. they have AMAZING sales...
especially after-Christmas {shes says on december 2nd...yikes! ;}

and whilst perusing...look what i found!
ok, ok, i'm sure all your DA buffs already knew of
it's existence...but DUH...i didn't!

they even come in these cool boxes!
{i don't know about you...but a fun gift box really
floats my boat! ;}

and as i perused...and drooled...i was taken way back
to the heyday of 1928 jewelry which, i was mentally
reminiscing, looked so similar.
oh how i LOVED 1928!

and then i googled...


the 1928 JEWELRY SITE was discovered!
DUH! where have i been?

and there i found even MORE styles of 
Dowton Abbey jewels!

so, i just thought i'd share this little morsel with those
of you...who like me...really need to get out more!
and who may know someone who truly fancies Downton Abbey
and just might adore a few of these pretties!!!


  1. Oh....I've been in love with the 1928 line for a long time. There's such charm, grace and sentimentality about it :-)

  2. Most excellent! I will be checking out these links!

  3. We could all use a little of the glamour of that time!.........and if it comes in a pretty box, so much the better!

  4. I loved 1928 jewelry in high school - my first piece I still have - a gorgeous locket.

    I haven't shopped it in forever - thank you- def going to check it out!!!


love to hear from you! ;}