December 7, 2013



how cold is it where you live???
well, snuggle up and enjoy PINK SATURDAY!!


  1. I think it's warmed up to 15 now. :)

    I'ts so funny how my southern girlfriends get excited over the cold!
    I remember what it's like, though.
    There were very few cold Christmases in SE Texas!

  2. Can you believe it is -34 C here in my part of Canada? Warming up tomorrow I think... stay warm!

  3. I'm in Canada and it's freezing! Hope you're enjoying the Christmas season in spite of the cold :)

  4. We were at minus 6 degrees this morning and with wind chill they said it was between minus 10 and minus 20. It is supposed to be even colder tomorrow. UGH- And I moved here from Florida because?????????? xo Diana

  5. I had a busy Pink Saturday, and am enjoying a Purple Sunday today!

  6. The snow comes, and goes. The cold air is brutal!! but that's Michigan winter weather.
    I LOVE your header!!!

  7. It was -5C here in eastern Canada today so about 25 or 26 F. And windy. So I was cold all day. Brrrr. And we have no snow on the ground (the answer to today's question). We had about 6 inches last Sunday but we had mild weather and rain in between that melted it all. I hope we have a white Christmas but sometimes we don't. If Christmas were in January it would be very white! Stay warm.

  8. It's supposed to be 70 degrees today. A super nice day for a California beach lover. But we have had some really cold days (for us) this winter. Clear down in the 50's. That's sissy weather for us. We wear long underwear, gloves, coats and scarves. And that's INSIDE!


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