November 24, 2013

Paisley Lemondrop!

just look at that face!
oye vey, i am soooo old! the last time i saw her she couldn't walk!
she is the schmoodle of FOTS, paisley! 
{Friend Of The of kae's besties &
1st mom of bee's puppy, oreo nicole antoinette, our bloggy doggy!

well, paisley is an über amazing seamstress!
{that means she sews like a house on fire!! mad sewing skills
and all that!! ;}

and she has just started her own facebook page called
wait for it...
{fun...and psychedelic! ;}

and on this facebook page she shares pictures
like this...
of her A-dorable creations!!!
{did i mention she's a home-schooling mom of 5...
i know!
she rocks!}

 holy cats!
i LOVE this one!
that bustle-y sort of bow at the back!
{these days, i sport my own bustle! that follows me wherever i go...
much like a u-haul trailer...but i digress... ;}

paisley's creations are sheer poetry for they eyes {too much? ;}
sorry! i can't help myself! for me, seeing cuteness like this... much like the first person to see fire!
"what the..."
{you may remember my ill fated attempt at Christmas stockings a 
few years me...DON'T remember! ;}

saint's preserve us! is that "script" printed fabric on the bottom ruffle??!!!
i know!
shut up!
{the top would totally fit me...but these days i shy away from
ruffles about the dirriere region! ;}
oh! to be under 5!!!!

if i haven't TOTALLY lost you...
or made you EXTREMELY dizzy!
to celebrate the opening of her fabulous new Facebook shop,
she is having a giveaway...YES!
this adorably precious Christmas princess dress, called Sugar & Spice, can be yours!
well, ok, not yours...but you do have a daughter, or a niece, or grand daughter
or great niece or god get where i am going, right?
you do know a little princess who needs this dress!!!
so...pop over to PAISLEY LEMONDROP for your chance to win
this fabulous creation!!!


  1. WOW, she is really good - the dresses are fabulous. Unfortunately my granddaughter is to big for those beautiful clothes.
    Good luck on her new adventure.

  2. I absolutely love her creations! And her little model is just adorable.
    I kind of wish bustles were in fashion cuz my caboose will get wider and wider but stays flat!

  3. Precious! Following on Facebook. I have boys but a girl can dream can't she????

  4. Oh, how beautiful! I love those clothes! and what a pretty girl. Wonderful blog, thank you for posting

  5. Oh how unbelievably gorgeous! Does she size them up for big people . . . . . . !!!

  6. OMG-So much cuteness I can't stand it! Headed over-just me and my u-haul trailer- xo Diana

  7. What a little sweetie modelling those gorgeous clothes! Ms. Paisley Lemondrop is a very talented seamstress!

  8. Oh my gosh!!! I would SO wear that brown little number with the bustle and the leggings over the boots----and then of course get laughed out of town, but it would be so worth it. Too cute!!!


love to hear from you! ;}