October 27, 2013

What's All The Hubub Over Halloween...

i know that i am alone out here...
wandering in the non-halloween wilderness.
but ya know what? i can take it, so here i shall stay!

when i was a kid, it was ALL about the candy!
impatiently waiting for the first sign of darkness
{and now that "they" have changed daylight saving time
"they" have messed that all up! ;} grab your pillow case
and go! get as much candy as you can before your curfew.
there was minimal decoration and even less hoopla.

and now it has grown to be the second largest holiday after Christmas...
and we spend over a billion dollars on it each year...over 30 million
of which is spent on pet costumes {now that in understand...small dogs
dressed as super heros is always good for a laugh!! ;}

over a billion dollars on things that are ornage & black? ACK!
and since when did purple become a halloween color? hmmmm...
well, i just don't get the interest, attraction and downright obsession
that people seem to have with it these days...and i guess i never will.
i'm not sure if that makes me a holloweiner or a non-halloweiner...
but either way...it's ok by me. 

this fuddy duddy whishes you a



  1. hahhhaaa....you ole fuddy duddy, you. :)
    Really, there's a lot of folks that don't care for the holiday. I loved it as a kid, loved it when the kids were little..and then the grands...just fun to dress up, get a little bit of candy and boooo everybody. :)

    Yes, I lost my blog of 6 years...it's still there...just that I am blocked out and can't control it. So.....what's a girl to do but start all over again. Bummer....

  2. You ole halloweiner you! Ha-ha!

    I LOVED Halloween when I was a kid- even made a haunted house for the neighbor kids AND I loved horror movies. I liked scaring the neighbor kids with my scary stories, too! Ha-ha! Now, I could live without it but try not to rain on others' parades. Some just love it- even as adults! ♥

  3. We never had much of a Halloween when I was a kid-living in a remote area on a farm. I LOVE Fall and Halloween is just a one day event for me -watching the grandkids get dressed for the occasion. I'm with you- Happy Fall! xo Diana

    ps. It IS fun to see how some people go all out though-amazing really- I have a post about you coming up on Tuesday-BOO!

  4. I totally agree with you! It's fun but it's also gotten out of control. I can't believe the US spends over a billion dollars on it each year. That's so ridiculous isn't it? It's getting bad here in Canada too. Really. What a waste of money. If people used that money to give to their local food bank or homeless shelter that would be a big boost for them. I'm an old fuddy duddy too I guess. Happy fall to you! :)

  5. I'm with you all the way! :) Can't wait for Halloween to be over and Christmas to come!

  6. I'm guilty. I'm a huge Halloween fan. I just love decorating the house with gross, spooky things. I have two little boys after all but when I lived alone in my 20s, I still decorated for Halloween. =)


  7. You're not alone as an old fuddy duddy; I'm not really into the Halloween scene either. I do put out a few pumpkins, but this year I haven't for some reason. Happy Fall too!

  8. Lol. It is crazy how much people spend. I try to stay out of all retail stores from September to January. A few years ago began only shopping in the little shops mostly in our Old Town and it is so pleasant. I am able to enjoy the holiday season like it used to be so long ago!

  9. I am a fuddy duddy right along with you! I am not a Halloween person either. Sure I loved it as a kid and even enjoyed it when my children were small, but it's not a holiday I choose to celebrate any longer. I do see cute halloween decorations here and there and I will eat candy, but I don't decorate for it any longer. Instead I concentrate on Thanksgiving and Christmas and I don't miss it one bit!

  10. I'm with you kiddo.....not into it. But very into Fall and Thanksgiving and of course.....Christmas!!! So far it has been a beautiful change of seasons......

  11. I'm with you on this! I have a banner in my kitchen that says, "Happy Fall," a very large pumpkin, and a gourd that looks like it was genetically morphed. I will pass out candy, but there is nothing in my home that screams HALLOWEEN! I have never understood the ghost, goblin, and witch craze, let alone the new obsession with zombies. Give me AUTUMNAL BLISS any day! P.S. I just wish Fall colors lasted longer.

  12. It's not such a big thing here in England, but children do dress up and trick or treat, and I make a pumpkin pie!

  13. You aren't alone...no halloween here either. The ramping up lately is really a marketers machination....I love fall, not so much the furor over halloween. It was so much simpler and more innocent, and really a time for kids. It has morphed into a monster for adults, mainly. Sad, really. But I'm all for fall. Great post!

  14. You are not alone! When my children were small, I did some minor decorating, but now nothing. My daughter's birthday is right on Hallowe'en day, so that is more a celebration for us.

  15. I Hate scary ugly evil looking things and even when I was a kid I always wanted to dress up as a princess...I don't like orange except out in nature as a splash of awesomeness in poppies or falling leaves...I don't get celebrating evil...but that's just me...I LOVE your chalkboard sign...may I steal it?

  16. Hello, I came to you via NanaDiana. Hallowe'en isn't really big here in the UK, but the retailers are fast catching on!

  17. It's not my favorite holiday- for sure. But the grands seem to enjoy the carnivals. I don't know many that actually go door to door trick or treating anymore...and that's kind of sad...

  18. So true that back in the day you just went out to get as much candy as possible and we only had one jack-o-lantern for decoration. I still don't decorate for Halloween plus we don't get any trick or treaters anyway.

  19. Gotcha! You deserved the post- cuz I love your wacko sense of humor-lol Makes me feel at home. xo Diana

  20. I'm pretty much a non-starter for Halloween too......it always depends on my mood and desire for dragging stuff from the attic for one day....because NOTHING looks worse than halloween decorations after Halloween is over! That's why christmas is better....I have time to take it down at my leisure!


love to hear from you! ;}