October 29, 2013

Fa la la la falllll...

there's a nip in the air and the leaves are a-stirrin' !
light a nice crackling fire...get yourself a cup of tea {coffee, coke...
no! not that! it's too early!!! ;} and create a few fallicious treats
to set the mood!!!

a pumpkin made from fabric...stuffed with a hand towel...
{hey, i make due when i need to! ;}


 decoupaged acorns...glittered acorns too.
some of you may consider this sinful...a crime against nature.
trust me, the jeans i'll be putting on this morning are the crime
against nature! someone need to eat more lettuce...
WITHOUT ranch dressing!
{ewwww...such ugly talk!!! ;}

 or this version...a bit more jeanne d'arcy!

little beaded pumpkins...just because i can! ;}


 decoupaged papier mache apples {dollar bin @ michael's...am i the only one
who gets leg cramps from squatting in front of those bins like a gold miner??!! ;}

decoupaged pumpkins...those acky orange ones you see everywhere...
use up some of those pretty napkins you have been hoarding, before
the fire department has to wade through the piles of them while
searching for you body! {she says guiltily!! ;}


where have all the flowers gone?
ok, ok, put away the birkenstocks and throw together a bouquet made from doilies!


now you all have fun, i'll be outside...'cuz this is what fall looks like here! ;}
{she's so mean!, isn't she! ;}


whatever you do...have a very happy fall day!!!


  1. I enjoy your humor! The decoupaged pumpkins are too cute! I must look beyond when I shop!
    Doilies as flowers is something I can do!

  2. Happy fall!

    I like those "beady" pumpkins!
    It's 20 degrees here this morning!
    My mums on the porch are still hanging in there and my allysums are freeze dried but still look alive. :)

  3. I love the way you put your own spin on Halloween. Gorgeous!

  4. I am a new follower and I just love your posts. Nana Diana sent me over and I am so glad she did. Love everything.
    Have a terrific weekend and stop by and see my gardens and stuff.

  5. I'm liking the decoupage, it makes a nice change from orange.

  6. Ha! I knew you would come through with a new post if I outed you! lol What fun- you have so many sweet things here. I LOVE those napkin decoupaged pumpkins. I HAVE to do some of those-after I find some napkins just like yours, of course. GREAT post! xo Diana

  7. All of your Fall decorations are so pretty! They would fit right in here at my place with all of the white decor. You do such good work. Love it all!!!!
    Your header is wonderful too!

  8. So much pretty going on here! The bird/french fry quote is one of my favorites...remembering McDonald's playland with my boys when they were little, of course. Back in the old days when it was still outside in the fresh air! You have a beautiful blog.

  9. Did you make all those darling little pumpkins, acorns etc.? They are so cute and if you do make them, must be a lot of work! I certainly like your fall weather compared to ours. Pamela

  10. OMG is Fall beautiful at your house or what??? I love your beaded pumpkins but am IN LOVE with the napkin covered ones! How did you ever get to be so clever??? and who doesn't love a bouquet out of doilies?

    When I read your last post about being a Bah Halloweiner I thought ok she's not talking about me....because I never bought a costume for my kids in my life and always made popcorn balls for the visiting kids (too bad you can't still pull that one off--geesh are kids spoiled these days)...which is why my kids were always laughed at when they went out TorT. Oh you should have seen what we came up after each one had changed their minds a ba jillion times before the big night. Someday when I'm not too lazy to get the printer hooked up I'll scan a photo of them on Halloween and send it to you. If they weren't so darn cute I would destroy the photo and all the evidence of what a rotten mom they had that wouldn't even get them a store bought costume. Do you know what my friend who's the age of my kids spends on a costume for her daughter every year (boy I hope she doesn't read your blog) $200.00! She buys it from a fancy Halloween catalogue. Do you know how many popcorn balls I could make for that?
    And our dog never got to go TorT let alone get dressed up :)))))))))) Hey...if I couldn't even get the kids out in a decent costume, the dog would definitely have had to go as-----well, a dog!
    sending love...

  11. You have so many beautiful Fall decorations! I would love to follow you on pinterest. I'll look around for a way to do that! Happy Fall!

  12. Stopping by from Nana Diana's blog- I love the chalkboard art you sent her! This is a fabulous post! You have so many great ideas! Yes, my knees hurt for from squatting at those bends too! :)

  13. Just found your blog via Nana Diana! The chalkboard you did for her is outstanding! From this post, it appears as though you are extremely talented in many areas. :) I'm a new follower and look forward to learning more about you.


  14. Hi! I came over from Nana Diana's and she was bragging about you and your sweet gift you sent her way! Had to come say hello. I am new following you too! Your blog is lovely and your talent boundless! Thanks for sharing.

  15. you are just too darn cute for words! And funny, but mostly talented and creative. I just love the napkin pumpkins and am sitting here wondering why, why, why, when I have all the things needed for this project I don't get my rear out of this chair and go ahead and try it. Oh my, I need an intervention. Beaded pumkins, however to you come up with all these crafty wonderfullness? Don't be gone so long ok, I missed you and your smiles ;)

  16. Fab post! What a treat to look upon!

  17. Great to see all your creativeness (is that a word?) You make me so happy.

  18. I love it all , but especially those acorns!! beautiful!!

  19. There is nothing better than homemade decorations. Yours are fantastic and so nicely displayed. What cheery Fall décor. We are having such a gorgeous Fall in New England. I see you are too!

  20. Oh what talent! I found you while visiting Diana Takes a Break. So glad I did. I am your newest follower. Hope you will make me look good to my friends by following me:) Your blog is fabulous!

  21. Hi, I came over from Nana Diana's blog and just love your pumpkins and acorns...adore glitter on just about anything.

    PS< adding you to my blog roll now. glad I found you., Hugs, Lynnie


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