July 14, 2013

Reality Check...

 i know i have been a big-time slacker of late...
but life is life...and sometimes you just have to wake up...then go to sleep
again...every day...and inspiration doesn't really play any part in that.
so, in that frame of mind i thought...instead of something glittered or
shell-encrusted...i share a bit of REALITY...

the basic circle of bloggers i see and am seen by, are very
shabby, white, pink and pretty...and sometimes i think that there may be
some peculiar ideas about a perceived perfection associated with all that
 which may leave some feeling a bit on the outside.

she has SO many things!...
her things are so pretty...
isn't anything ever dirty?!...
she must be rich!...
she must have A LOT of time to clean!...
ideas like these, which, in my case...have ZERO basis in reality!
so, i just thought i'd share a slice of my 
perfect, pink, shabby world...
don't be afraid! ;}

above you saw my kitty, sam...she is pretty and she knows it!
she has THE most "catitude" of any cat i have ever been owned by...
and manages to leave little bits of poop EVERYWHERE!
{see! not quite perfection!}


 my boy kitty, dutch...
sweet and likes to make muffins on everything...including my flesh!!!
{accompanied by COPIOUS amounts of instant drool!}
he pees OUTSIDE the box with great regularity...and is the furball king...
with all the lovely mess that entails...which is why i call him my
"barfer from darfur".
{no, he doesn't "get it" either...but i makes me laugh...and one needs to have a sense of humor
when one is cleaning up a yacky-catfoody-furball the size of a mouse! ;}

i know i talk about junk food... a lot...and you may think i'm kidding...
but, i'm not! chips and milk are my go-to breakfast, lunch or dinner! ;}
and this is my current selection...and where i keep them...piled on top
of all those dumb internet cords and wires {plus some teacups and glitter
for good measure! ;}
lovely, eh??!!


but just because one is somewhat slovenly, does not mean that they
cannot take a quick second to "pretty-up" life's basics! i HAVE to cut down 
chips bags as i eat them...you know, so you don't get the cuff of your
nice blouse all yucky with greasy chip schmutz as you are fishing for that
perfect chip! 
come on! nothing says "tacky" like a dorito-y orange sleeve! ;}

and since these are always the scissors closest at hand in my kitchen...
my chip bags are always beautifully edged! this may go unseen by
most of humanity...yet it is quite a silent self esteem builder! ;}

i saw this tang at walmart and almost started skipping!
i hadn't had tang in centuries so i had to buy it...but how to get that
nuclear-neon orange powder into my water bottle???!!!! 
"ah! ha! use your glitter funnel" said the little angel on my shoulder!
great idea..although sometimes she is a bit hard to take seriously since
she's always in her pajamas! i don't think she takes her job very seriously!

this is my shiny new{ish} tea kettle...
shiny because it has never been used...as you can see by the dust...
which i was going to edit away...but then that would defeat my whole
purpose wouldn't it??!! ;} i am just not a big tea drinker...not even iced tea.
i drink hot tea when i am sick, so consequently hot tea reminds me of runny noses!
but the kettle was only $3.98 {free shipping, no sales tax!} so, i couldn't afford
NOT to buy it! ;} I LOVE BOSKOVS after Christmas sale!!! although i am
fairly certain they must hate me!!! ;} but lest you think that all the brillaint
mirror-like shine is all for naught...
nay, i profess...very strongly!

for that mirrored surface is used every morning when i apply the eye creme that
i keep in my fridge! yes, seriously! see! there's the creme...amongst the dressing{walmart's 
chipotle ranch...off!the!hook!}, bbq sauce, jello and ketchup/catsup...right there in the
health food section of my fridge! ;}
i am NOT saying the name of the creme because it has not given me back the dewy
suppleness of a 30 year old...or even the dewiness of a lawn, for that matter!
so no endorsement!

there sits the lazy-susany contraption i bought several weeks ago...
had to have it!
a desperate need!
there is remains...in it's plastic swaddling...
awaiting it's destiny...

that "destiny" includes my reclaiming the use of my drinking vessels
for...you know...drinking! it's just so easy to grab what's at hand when one
has a need...and more often than not, my "need" is, 'hmmmm...where in tarnation
 am i going to put {insert name of tchotchke here}??!!"
i have december penciled in as my "tchotchke transfer" date...i'll keep you posted!

i know they look like pristine white matchboxes...ready to be adorned!
but they are actually evidence boxes...for shell casings and the like.
i bought them from a forensics website and i had great plans for them...
like SO many others things! alas, there they rest...
yes, yes, you can see that one is missing and you think i must have
used it for some tres fab prototype of craftiness!
it's actually on the floor...under the table.
it fell out somehow...and it seemed happy there...who am i to quibble??!! ;}

this is what my precious, gorgeous boy kitty does to any and all ribbon or tulle that
i leave within paw's reach! he doesn't steal it...he doesn't play with it...
he simply chews/gnaws on it! i think he like the sound, which let me tell you,
is hair-raising! especially the tulle! if someone had a recording of "tulle gnawing"
it would be so much more effective than water boarding!!!

my bar...
don't know about you, but when i get home the first thing to come off is
the shoes...next the earrings...and they never quite make it upstairs to
the jewelry drawer! which is actually kind of convenient since they are
all nicely separated it makes them easy to find...the next time i need them...

...instead of needing to rummage through that actual drawer...
which, although it does have that certain mystery and intrigue of a pirate's
treasure chest...is, in fact, a nightmare of tangles and even a blackhole that
always seems to abscond with the one pair of earring i am looking for that day!

poor jane...this is how i just found her...and i don't recall leaving her there, so
i'm guessing one of my feline hellions roughed her up! word to the author...my 'hood is 
obviously no place for the frail and petticoated!

that hangery thing used to hold string...somehow the string found itself all unwound
and had to be put "up high"...then the hanery thing got hung there.
and then it just started collecting sunglasses.
laziness is the mother of invention...it's that what they say? ;}

the graveyard of shoes...
i told you! shoes come off first!
this is under the bar...and i really need to put them away!
but that requires hauling them allllll the way upstairs!
i will do it today, i promise...maybe... ;}

the glorious kitty "jungle gym" that goes so well with my decor!
but they love it, so i have to keep it there!
just like the box that a recent delivery arrived in...
and the pillow fort on one of my chairs...
they are so spoiled!
don't be fooled by the sight of that weight into thinking that i am a secret
bodybuilder!!! ha! although i do pick it up a couple times a year after i have been 
particularly startled by my upper arm flapping against me...but it's kinda heavy,
so i just have put it down again and take a nap! it's merely there to keep the gym
from tipping over during exuberant shinanigans!

a mess by any other name is still a mess!
i don't even remember the last time...or year...that this table was used for
eating...seriously! staging, sorting, photographing, cat napping...apparently 
that's what dining tables are made for! i do regularly sort, stack and separate...
but it never quite gets cleared off...one side or the other maybe...but never the whole 
table all at one time! that's just the reality of it.

i'm sure you have had quite enough of my reality for today.
but there you have it.
i am not neat or tidy or organized...
and at any given time i have a cat hair or two clinging to me person and
some trash that needs to be taken out and big pile of laundry that needs doing!
and that's not going to change any time soon... ;}


  1. oh I love you, now I don't feel quite so bad, a little nauseas maybe but not bad!

  2. SO glad that I am not the only one. lol

  3. Hello Kindred Spirit....if I could find my camera I would snap a pic and send it to you. A pic of what? you ask...
    A pic of my potato chip bag.....neatly cut down to half because I don't like the oils on my knuckles.

  4. Your cats are so cute--though I don't know what I would do if my cats didn't make it to the litter box. I am one of those people that stress out and yell at the kids if the house isn't perfect. I wish I could let loose a bit. I am just not happy if things aren't right where they are suppose to be and you know the saying..if Mama ain't happy nobody is happy! Enjoyed your post :) Maybe it will help me let it go once in awhile...without being a total grump!

  5. Oh poor Jane! Ha-ha! Oh my gosh!

    A facebook friend recently admired my decorating but said she was glad she didn't have to do my dusting. I said, "Dust?" Seriously. I dust my hutch when I decide to rearrange it and that's not too often. My son is currently away for 10 days so I "dusted" his computer table last night with 5 different damp cleaning rags! Whew! Weeks and weeks worth of books, dust, dog and cat hair and crumbs! Even though I took a Benadryl at bedtime, I still woke up in the night snorting and coughing. I guess if I would dust more often, that wouldn't happen?

    I love to hear other people tell their pet woes. My cats recently had the runs. I was beginning to really question this "keep your pet for life" trend! Ha-ha! They're better now and I love them again but oh my, what a mess!

    I do like to keep up on *my* clutter if I can because we home school and we're here 24/7. The clutter- junk mail, latest garage sale finds, etc, REALLY gets on my last nerve if I don't keep it up!

    Enjoy your chips, old friend! ;)

  6. I love a good reality check, and believe me, with houseful of company and a full time job I need that today! Thank you for the smile!

  7. Such an honest post OC. I think it must be the same as in your house in more bloggers houses. Shabby shic or not ;-). It is in mine :-)!

    Have a lovely week!

    Madelief x

  8. Oh my goodness....you mean you are a real person and live a real person's life!! Welcome to my world!!

  9. OH NO!!! My fantasy of you living in Shabby Chic paradise has been well and truly dashed, you're just like me! Only joking, it's really great to learn that you are just like most of us,getting through each day as well as we can. In my house there are two cats, one who climbs on everything and regularly gets into mischief, one little dog who is mostly very well behaved and one husband who makes more messes and disasters than the rest of us put together!
    It's great to be alive though isn't it?

  10. LOVE this!!! Reality is so...real. Hugs!

  11. LOL- Oh- You ate SO real-I always KNEW you were real- kind of Velveteen Rabbitish real...lol I just loved this post. Love your kitties, too, as naughty as they are at times. I had a cat that loved to chew on ribbons and tulle and anything else fabric he could get his mouth on. He even ate a thread needle- we did not know about and it came out-if you get my drift- thread first! xo Diana

  12. Enjoyed your post..esp the part about your cat..I have a Maine Coon and a Shih tzu..Both the same size..My cat throws up his hairballs at 4AM..go figure.. (every couple of weeks)...They keep me on my toes..My cat is very dog like and my dog, Mollie (much younger) is very cat like having learned everything she knows from Max..

  13. Thank you for this step into reality. And thank you for stopping by my studio -- which, when it gets over being "new" will look much more like yours!! And thank you for such lovely comments on my art. : )

  14. My kitties like to chew on my ribbon as well so I have to hide it out of the way. Thanks for sharing!

    I love your post on chalkboard paint and I hope it's ok that I shared your project on my blog linking back to you. Love your style!

    Christine Barker

  15. Finally!!! someone that actually lives life as a real person!! Thank you for this post. We have two dogs that bring in so much grass, leaves, and dirt, I have to rake the floors before running the sweeper! One chews anything that touches the floor, and the other likes to leave little brown rolls on the floor every once in a while...just for fun. I don't dust...I just blow the film off the furniture.
    You are awesome!
    Have a good day.

  16. You are such a breath of fresh air m!!! This is SO me it was scary :) I laughed at every photo because the only time my table is cleaned off is when I know someone is showing up or I'm going to take a photo of it. The cabinet that holds our chips and cookies also holds every charger for every phone we have ever owned and my husband's scanner and on and on, so that photo you showed looked so darn familiar I thought you had been here taking pictures. The other day some ladies in town called me and asked if they could come and paint in the garden for a few hours and the first thing I thought of after I said yes was---omg, now I have to clean my bathroom in case one (or all) of them had been drinking a 54oz cola like me and since I live off the beaten path (and couldn't expect them to hold it or find a tall sagebrush) needed to use my loo. It put me in such a tail-spin that I even made my bed, cleaned off the table AND swept my floors AND folded the laundry AND vacuumed!!!!!! WOW, now I want to call everyone I know and ask them over :)))
    And wouldn't you know it---none of them even came in the house. I almost dragged them in by their hair, but Dale told me that is against the law! Two days later I had some friends show up and want to see the studio---eeegads, I hadn't even thought about the studio! But, by-heck, my house was clean (as far as they only went in the bathroom, bedroom, and dining room).
    Hey, would you like to come over???

    much love...

  17. you think you're so cool with your chips and cat drool ...

    fabulous peek behind the scenes, M. i can so relate. thanks for keeping it real, chickiebaby!!!


  18. This post was so real, I just love it! Glad we are being honest. The cats are hysterical,
    I have a barfer that pees outside the lines as well! Great writing and REAL pictures.

  19. You my friend are a breath of fresh air and just a doll!! YOu have a beautiful, special HOME and now how to live in it! IT is your home, your sanctuary and it is perfect!!! It's what a home should be!!! I love it and all of it!


love to hear from you! ;}