June 1, 2013

The Pink Chair Chronicles...

 Pink chairs & Umbrellas

the english language is a funny thing...
and a weird thing...
and a confusing thing...
and then words like chair and hair...
so close...yet still so far! ;}
and even when you have spokificated and spellified it as long
as i have...you still mess it up...but sometimes...serendipitously so!
like my search for "pink hair"...which i typed as "pink chair"...
but ended up in a wonderland of dreamy rooms and setting that
sent my imagination into overdrive!

Pink chair

i would sit here for hours...sipping that tea and pouring over that
stack of magazines because you just know they are those
gorgeous english ones that cost a fortune so you only buy them when 
you happen to be at barnes and noble...and you're feeling fat...and you need
a little calorie-free pick-me-up! ;} 
{although you still keep thinking that 31 flavors is just a few doors down! ;}

pink chair

i would sit here and think about all the grout that needs scrubbing...
and baseboards that need dusting...
and that i really need to take care of all that....
later...tomorrow...in august sometime...
when i am done sitting here!

pink chair!

i would sit here and write a sentimental letter...well, i would start that letter..
but then i would think about how great the light is...perfect for some wayward
eyebrow maintenance...you know for the crazy ones that you only catch a glimpse of
when you're on your way to work and the sunlight hits them juuuuuust right and you almost slam on the brakes as you think about how many people have been trying not to stare at that
one in particular that is long enough to use for line-drying your delicates between two trees in the backyard! sheesh!

Pink Chair

i would sit here on ponder if that third pomatini was responsible for the
door and molding color decision...and wonder if martha stewart had ever done such
a thing??!!

Pink chair

 i would sit here and try to figure out if i can fit a few more pairs of
shoes under there...next to the stacks of magazines, various cat toys, 
the thighmaster and the dusty exercise books...because a chair with a dust 
ruffle means one thing....EXTRA STORAGE! ;}

pink chair

i would sit here...and wait for mr. darcy!

pink chair

i would sit here...well, i wouldn't sit here...because a chair full towels
means that i am in the midst of a fabulously relaxing bubble bath and i 
am not about to cut that short to sit in a hard wooden chair! maybe later...

gorgeous pink chair

 i would sit here when i was finally exhausted from sliding
back and forth on that nice slippery and shiny floor!
i wouldn't be able to resist it! ;}

Pink Chair

 i would never...could never sit here!
i would just stare at it in awe and wonder 
whilst the angels sang the hallelujah chorus!

Pink Chair- Before & After

i would sit here..and hope that people still knock before entering!
{and then i move the darn chair! ;}


i would sit here and think about croissants...and wine...
and the champs-élysées...and how it is that french women stay so thin?
and then i would need a few croissants and some wine!!






i would sit here and read pride and prejudice...for about half
and hour...then i'd go put on sweats and curl up on the couch
and pop in the dvd! ;}

Pink Chair by Wananga, via Flickr

and i would sit here...and relax and think of nothing at all!

have a relaxing, no-thinking-required-weekend!!!
{in a pink chair or with pink hair...if at all possible!! ;}



  1. Doing any of the above sounds pretty good, but I am going to do it in red it that's okay.

  2. I think that outdoor one is my favorite! ♥

  3. Oh anything pink will send me into reveries too!

  4. I wanna see your pink hair...xoxo

  5. Hi M! FINALLY got my computer up and running so I can visit~ Love all the pink chairs- I would love to sit there with you and ponder all those things. The chair close to the end with the handpainted roses looks like of Christie Repassy's (?spelling?) Gorgeous-xo Diana

  6. What a wonderful PInk post!! I love all of the chairs and you have me thinking of cotton candy for some reason. ; ) Have a great Sunday.


  7. Love them all! Now I want one! I think I'd take the comfy one that comes with storage :)

  8. Love the pink chairs! I am totally hooked on Pinterest too, and have a folder titled - All thinks pink! Also a spell error, cause I wanted it to say "All THINGS pink!" Oh well, just look how much fun you had, and actually - All THINKS pink, fits me better! Have a wonderful day. Sandi

  9. Hi....I just wanted to stop by to let you know of a GIVEAWAY being hosted by Koralee from Bluebird Notes blog to help celebrate the opening of my new Etsy shop: Daisy Pink Wish.......if you have the time please stop by.....we would love to see you enter!

  10. hey cutes,

    i think this might be one of my very favorite posts of yours. it's so fun, pretty, delightful and batty ... just like, um ... i don't know ... maybe ... YOU!



love to hear from you! ;}