April 27, 2013

Mais Oui!

a room with a view...
lovely lace curtain, gorgeous moulding, 
and picturesque paris peeking through the window!



 en"sconce"d in pink parisienne pleasantness!
{i might sell a vital body part for that marble-topped side table ;}


the details, the details, the details!
can i get a **sigh** for that huge copper pot!

such a nice place to relax
by candlelight...


a spot of tea...

one little problem though...
i don't think i could bring myself to leave this room...
not even to visit the potty! ;}


i would cover my car with that wallpaper!
it might take a vat of mod podge...but it would be 
sooooooo worth it!


now, all i need to do is find a way to shrink myself down to 
the proper mini-fab size to be able to explore every nook & cranny of

lawsy me!


  1. At first I thought you were away on vacation to Paris and staying in a lovely flat! I love this miniature room. What talent to create something so lifelike. Thanks for sharing. Pamela

  2. It is quite beautiful! I would not be able to leave that room either.

  3. Lawsy Me is so right!! I'd love to go to Paris, just to see beautifully decorated homes like this!! Love it! Such a pretty post.

  4. The perfect English country cottage for sure M! Sooooo darling!

    I'[m so glad to see a post from you!!!!
    hugs from here...

  5. Tres chic! I wouldn't leave it either! Just bring a porta-potty in and you're set!

    Bisous mon amie, Sherry

  6. What an amazing doll-house-size room! I'm with you! Shrink me for maybe 24 hours to live in that gorgeous, marvelous little world!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Amazing doll house, everything is so perfect.

  8. that cynthia is a miniature magician!!! or, a magician with the miniatures. oh, you know what i mean! however, if she were a magician, perhaps she could shrink us down to fit into her wee flat but we would have her keep all the croissants life-size! ooh la la!


  9. Amazing, sweet detail in this dollhouse! Simply gorgeous - I am hosting a Delightsome Cottage Charm Giveaway to commemorate my blogiversary - I am opening a linky to those who may wish to add a giveaway too - I remember you had a fantastic one and thought to reach out to you - my giveaway is inspired by a rose-covered teacup. you can see my giveaway here:

    I hope you have a blessed day,

  10. What a beautiful blog! I enjoyed reading many of your older posts.
    everything in here is so lovely :)

    Your new follower.

  11. Awww, thank you so much M!!! You are sooo sweet!! I'm touched! And thank you so much girls! I'm so happy you love it !! Big hugs! Cynthia xox!


love to hear from you! ;}