April 1, 2013

Amazing...With A Side Of Awesome Sauce!

 not being one who can easily resist a teacup...
{if by easily...you mean not even, with all my might !!! ;}

oh, who am i kidding! {not any of you!;}
i really can't resist china...in all it's forms!
spoken like a true hoarder collector, right??!!

so, when i saw this spring mantel created by lucy of craftberry bush
i was slightly giddy...and a little lightheaded...

in full-swoon-mode...
and in dire need of a fainting couch!
{where are they when you need one! ;}

as if all the light, bright and airy-ness is not gorgeous enough!

the teacup arrangement is the splendiferious in all it's glory!
and i don't think i am overstating the matter one iota!

thank  you, lucy for sharing this beautiful treat!
to inspire and set our minds to reeling!

just amazing!!!!

pop over and visit lucy for much more loveliness and drop dead
fabulous photography! 
{ps. have your smelling salts handy! ;}


  1. I too have the addiction. Love this display. I'm off to check it out.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. This is a really beautiful display....so creative!!

  3. A lovely display, so pretty and fresh!

  4. Beautiful post....love the tea cups with treasures in them.


  5. O---M---Goodness!!!!!!! GORGEOUS indeed! I can't think of a better way way to use a pretty teacup! I have got to go meet this girl!

    BTW missy---after three days down with the flu and wanting to go into a hibernation of sorts, what pops up in my post office box (well not IN the box)because my P.O.Box is tiny and the box you sent me was HUGE))????????
    You made this sick lady feel like a little girl again unwrapping all the awesome-ness in the box! I was having the time of my life going through all the things I have coveted on your blog. I think I am going to be a very, very happy sick girl today! You should have heard me trying to cough and squeal at the same time. I am going to love putting it all over my house!!!!!!
    But to be serious M. I loved it more than you will ever know. Heck with Valentine's Day...I needed it more at Easter :)
    Thank you and much love from me....

  6. OHMYGOSH, stunning. Love it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. wowsa! that is pretty amazing with a side of awesome sauce!

    thanks for this pretty amazing with a side of awesome sauce share!


  8. this is such a beautiful post...thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate it so much...xo

  9. So cute and spring like--love those teacups!

  10. What a simply beautiful display !
    I love displays inside of frames and these pretty tea cups look lovely

  11. How adorable and beautiful and unique! Love, love, love it!
    AND, I wanted to tell you what a neat surprise I rec'd in the mail a couple of weeks ago!! :)
    Don't feel a bit bad, because I had totally forgotten about them, TOO!! Ahhhh, forgetfulness can be a wonderful thing! :) Thank you again very much! The day they arrived was kind of stressful, too, so it was a great surprise. We just moved over Easter weekend, and I'll be unpacking for quite some time...but your little lovelies are already out and being admired!

  12. So very pretty.I dont drink tea but now I know what I can do instead!


love to hear from you! ;}