March 29, 2013


oh! if only the wonders of glitter could be experienced by us mere mortals!

it's transformative powers are simply amazing!
no mater how spendy...could ever make you look
quite this glowing and radiant! ;}

to be able to take ├╝ber tacky 99¢ store eggs...
and turn them into these pretties...

 it's almost magical!
{well, except for the part where you have glue on all over
your unclothed body areas...and glitter up your nose! ;}

and they looked even magical-er in this macaroon box!
see! sometimes hoarding isn't's a prophetic knowledge
of a future need! ok, ok, it's just plain 'ol hoarding! but how could i
 throw those cute boxes away!

and who have we here? a little visitor!

he always seems to pop his little head out about this time each year...

to see what's being glittered & glued!

he's a pretty cute assistant, so i don't mind a bit!

i hope you and your families have a very blessed Easter!

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  1. Very magical indeed!! the silver and lavender are a great mix.

    Would you believe I haven't altered a single egg this season? I've been busy decorating my little cottage, though!

    And on my cats love those little chicks! :(

  2. Your eggs are lovely
    and your post was a delight to read.
    Happy Easter to you, too.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. Happy Easter to you too! Your glitter eggs are perfect and once again, your posts always have me cracking up! =)


  4. A beautiful post. I love the glittered eggs and the bright pink chick AND the purple boxes! Gorgeous. You have a nice collection of vintage Easter cards. They are hard to find. I wish you a very blessed Easter. Pamela

  5. Hey M!!!! Happy Easter to you, too! Gorgeous glitter- even if it is up your nose! I always figured you were snorting something-xo Diana

  6. Gorgeous glitter eggs... Happy Easter!

  7. Dear M! Wish you a glittery and flittery happy Easter ;)
    hugs, Mira!


love to hear from you! ;}