March 17, 2013

Glitter + Bunnies = Easter!

 what do you do with a wild bury of bunnies?
{yes, bury...i looked it up...anyone who knows me, knows that i really
did...and then spent and hour reading all the other animal group names...
shrewdness, rookery,! go HERE!! ;}

but i digress...and i add a "duh" for good measure!
seriously..."'tis that season!"...the bunny season {in case you were confused!}
and if you happen to have a bury of bunnies...put them on glittery  match boxes!!!
i mean, sheesh...i think that goes without saying! ;}

a widdle bunbun on a widdle box!
you know you need one! {why??!!}
you know you want one! {'cuz it's all sparkly! ;}
a BIG smooch to the EVER fabulous GRAPHICS FAIRY
for being just generally awesome! and for being the fairy godmother
of inspiration and creativity throughout all Bloglandia!

 add a bit of vintage sheet music shred...
because we are nothing if not whimsical!

 and a teenie weenie egg...
just because it's teenie and weenie!
well, and because it's Easter too! ;}

sit back and think, 'why did i make this...and what am i going to do with it?'
hee! hee! WHO CARES! i just LOVE a cute tchatchke!

hope you all have a nice, warm, sunny Easter!
{it's a tad too warm for my liking already...but i'll hush up! ;}

life if worth living because He lives!


  1. Too cute for words! Um....20 degrees here now-thank you very much-xo Diana

  2. Ah, He is finished!!!

  3. Adorable! Yes...the Graphics Fairy shrine....I'm very familiar with it! Love what you did with it too!

  4. These are stle stunning. Lovely for table favours.


love to hear from you! ;}