February 18, 2013

A Little Slice Of Farmhouse Heaven!


picture perfect perfection!
what more can you say??!!
who wouldn't want to sit at this table and enjoy a hot cup of tea and some gossip?
or explore every inch of that adorable hutch?

well, as awesome as that would be...you'd need some pretty amazing skills
to shrink yourself down to the tiny size necessary to fit into this charming
farmhouse kitchen vignette created by the artistic genius herself, cynthia

i would grab that little jadeite colander so fast it would make your head spin!

i want these colanders for earrings! seriously!
how cute are they!!

tiny tart tins!!!! stop!!!!!!

and this chair!!!!!!
and the pillow! holy cats!

oh yes! ruffles too!!!!!! i could definitely imagine hours of austen 
in this very spot!

her attention to detail is stupefying!
look at the itty bitty book!
{and i wonder if that marmalade has less calories than the full-size?? ;}

the trim on this hutch is to die for!
i really think "someone" needs to copy her furniture designs for us
real-sized people!!! why should dollhouse people get to have all the fun!
you did notice the cath kidston-esque plates too, right?? adorable!!

i would so love a susan branch stove like that!!!!

the whole enchilada!
i knew it would be too much cuteness to handle all at once...
that's why we worked our way up to it!!! ;}

don't you think it should be featured in  
me too!!!

for oh so many more pictures and all the details pop on over to 
CYNTHIA'S BLOG ...you don't want to miss a square nanometer
of her precious farmhouse kitchen!



  1. Oh my goodness, when I first saw these I thought they were life size. They all look so real. Gorgeous!

  2. Just incredible ! Thanks for those nice photos and hallo from Greece !

  3. Isn't she an amazing artist? SOOOO talented. I just realized that somehow she dropped off my blog list. Thanks to you I have added her back now- xo Diana

  4. AMAZING! I agree - this kitchen is too cute not to be used. It needs to be replicated in just my size. :)
    I adore that chair - thanks so much for sharing this petite farmhouse room!

  5. OMG!!!!! What tonic can I take to shrink myself enough to move in???? This is too , too cute!
    You had me at 'little wing chair' :)
    sending love...

  6. Amazing! At first I thought they were life size. Wow, what talent. Thanks for sharing.
    I also loved your post on the corks... yes from 2011..but I just stumbled upon your blog. Also a new follower mostly because of the PiNk love. Me too! There can never be too much pink.
    I'll be back to see more.

  7. That is so sweet! I thought it was a real kitchen at first it's so well done. Thanks for sharing this sweet 'dollhouse' kitchen. Pamela

  8. Hi sweet M!! Oh my word, I'm so touched! You are such a sweetheart! Thank you thank you! And thank you everyone for your comments on my minis! I'm still working on that potion that will shrink us all :) lol

    Love ya M! You're the best!! Big hugs n kisses! Cynthia xo!


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