February 14, 2013

A Hoarder's Heart...

 i have a slight hoarding issue...
well, issue is too strong a word...
and it's actually much slighter than slight...
what??! she doth protesteth too much??!
i know! i know!

but sometimes "hoarding" can equal frugality!
and sometimes it can show a keen insight into your future 
wants and needs!
{and sometimes you are just too darn lazy to gather up all the stuff you 
need to throw out and you tell yourself it's "keen insight"! ;}
when TINK sent me some fabulous cath kidston oilcloth tidbits,
i didn't know what i would use them for...but i knew if i held onto
them long enough...inspiration would happen!
and it did...in the form of cute little paper clips and ornaments!
i "painted" the clothespins with a chalkboard marker...i really like the
interesting finish...so unique! 
{did you really buy all that??! more like, it took 1.3 seconds...it dried in 1.5 seconds...
and i didn't have to bother rinsing a paint brush or shaking a spray paint can for 5 minutes
all the while watching my upper arm swing back and forth...which invariably leads
to a self esteem crisis that can only be overcome with thin mints!
i had some thin mints anyway! shhhhhh...

this pink paper is at least ten years old...seriously! but like i could EVER
throw away something pink! not! i needed some cheap and easy ornaments
for our valentine's tree at work...long story...and NOTHING is cheaper
than free! take that, all you econ professors! ;} but after i cut out the hearts
with fun-edged scissors...i noticed i had inadvertently created another
cute heart outline! {let's call it serendipitously instead...it sounds so much better
and much more artsy than inadvertentously!}

and with some sparkly pink gluepen squiggles and dots...let's call them

 they quickly became a whole new set of ornaments! and very easy to 
"hang" without a pesky string!! and would make an adorable
garland or banner...which i never quite got around to making...
much like i never got around to writing this post...until
valentine's day! my gift to you! {i know...i'd  much rather have
some see's too! ;}

 then i noticed...with my keen powers of perception...that hearts kinda sorta
look like butterflies! ok, i actually "noticed" this when, as i was cutting and
cutting and cutting...and just letting all the scraps fall to the floor in a pile
that i would immediately clean up upon completion of my project...or
at least by next valentine's day...that one of the "heart middles" fluttered
onto the pile like a butterfly! don't need a building to fall on my head...
or anything else...again...long story...so, voila! butterflies were born!

 and finally...{did i hear a sigh of relief? ;} these little somewhat-scandinavian {i was going to say "noncommitally-nordic" but that just sounded silly!} inspired hearts from an old roll
of tape over plain paper...49¢ roll of tape...that i had no idea what i'd do with when
i bought it...but was obviously meant for this moment in time! ;}

i hope you are able to indulge and eat your weigh in chocolate today...
or at least half your weight in funions! ;}

{valentine's post aka chapter 372 of the lazy girl's guide to crafting from your couch ;}



  1. I want to come sit in that red adirondack and soak in some sun.

  2. What a cute and super fun post today.

    You take awesome pictures.

    And that pink Adirondak chair outdoor area - to die for!!

  3. Happy Valentines Day! Lovely Post.


  4. Ha ha you crack me up... Nice project. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. happy valentines day!!! cute hearts

  6. I love you-you silly girl. Sweet hearts and love them all...you knew I would- xo Diana

  7. So talented, these are fabulous. Love the butterflies. Happy Valentine's Day.

  8. Love your heart shaped ornaments! Happy Valentine's day to you too!

    Madelief x

  9. I ate all my chocolates yesterday...and the day before, but I did save a few for today, so no worries. I love how your mind works m. It's so much easier to spell Nordic so I'm going with that...I LOVE them! Actually I love all the hearts you made from the stuff you hoard (save).
    As usual, I leave laughing.
    sending love this Valentine's Day...

  10. I love it all and when something beautiful comes out of something free or near free, it is just wonderful!

  11. I love how you've used up little bits of this and that to create something beautiful! While I don't have a problem purging things around the house I no longer need, I just can't bear to part with things that have "crafting potential"! Love your idea of using the chalkpen, genius!!

  12. A pink and heart loving lady who hoards too, so much a girl after my own heart!!! Following you now!

  13. lovely post! Lovely porch! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment! Following you on google connect!

  14. Oh how I love that oil cloth and pink chair. You are one up on me girl. A couple weeks ago I gathered branches off of wild roses. Stuck themk in a couple of urns out on my front porch. Planned on making some cute hearts to hand from them. The branches remain bare. Maybe I'll cut some butterflies. When my kids tease me and say that I am a hoarder I say, "Not quite, I don't have any trails through the house", yet!

  15. I won't say I am a hoarder, but do admit I have a tendency to have the attitude of "I may need that some day". :-D The main reason I am having to do a major declutter project around here now.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Have a great week.

  16. Love your darlin' hearts whatever their origin. Art supplies don't count as hoarding, but I'm sure you know that already. seriously. Sweet pink ideas here!


love to hear from you! ;}