January 21, 2013

You Can Take The Lazy Girl Out Of The 20th Century...

but you can't the 20th century out of the lazy girl!
yah, i know...the title...the empty TP rolls{let's call them loo rolls
like your cousins do...sounds a tad better! ;}
the hello kitty i phone...where IS she going with this??!!
your guess is a good as mine! 
i jest!
so, a girl at work saw this "thing" for iphones on the 
internet and joked about making it...alas she had no empty loo rolls handy!

 well! it just so happened that i had a bag of them in my trunk!
don't fear me! i had asked my sister to save them for me so
i could make more of these ...
{you see she gets her loo roll at costco...and in case you didn't know
they make an exceptional roll...sturdy and quite craftworthy!
this is really a lot of TP talk for one post, isn't it! ;}
i am prepared for anything! once a girl scout...always a girl scout!
{or...since she gave them to me months ago...and i am far too lazy to
take anything out of my trunk...pet rocks...dolphin shorts...jimmy hoffa...
flowbee...peechee folder...lycra wraparound skirt...}
i knew they were still in there!!!

 we actually thought it was a joke...but would look awesome
on our desks...so we made it...
now i have no concept of these kind of metaphysical noncombustible
thermonuclear devices...science was never my strong suit...
but this little white trash gizmo works!
i knew you iphoners would want to give it a whirl...

so cut the hole to fit your phone...

 add "legs" eg: push pins.
i chose pink...because i wanted to class it up in the way that
only hot pink pushpins can do for a loo roll!!! ;}
and me with no formal design training...go figure!

 lookie that!
we are almost there!

 insert iphone...

 play music...

 laugh in amazement at your new high class speaker system!
my poor niece wasted actual money buying me a speaker dock
for Christmas...when all i ever needed was a loo roll! ;}

no...no...don't thank me...
i share because i care! ;}


  1. LOL- Now just think how danged cute that thing will look all covered, dazzled and blinged up! xo Diana

  2. I did a workshop in North Orange County once. I used TP tubes to make unique gift enclosures, with Washi paper adhered to the outside. One woman groaned loudly because I was using a TP tube. I thought to myself, "What does she do with hers that I don't do with mine?" Anyway, I find multiple uses for my TP tubes and this idea is FUN!

  3. Hey, that actually might have some potential! You could mod podge something pretty onto the loo roll:)

  4. You genius- you! Hee-hee! But PU-lease cover the roll with cute paper and I'll applaud!!

    I had sooo much fun shopping for Hello Kitty stuff all year for my grand girl's Christmas stocking!! I was a good girl and used my 50% coupons at Michaels and shopped the clearance Isle,too but there were still so kitty items I didn't buy!!! I wanted to get them all but there have been rumors that I spoil the grands! GASP! ♥

  5. hold on there, TP sally ... i think that roll needs a little love and maybe even some glitter. i will be checking back to see!

    thanks for the shout-out link to my ol' tutorial, too.


  6. I am chuckling over this post. Now if Only I had an iPhone to use this. Since you say Loo you have got to be English. :) I would use some of that Cath Kidston paper she makes to cover it then it would be perfect. :)Thanks for your comment on my blog post.

  7. I love this! My students will lose their minds if they see this on my desk!!! Found you through your post on my blog! Thanks!

  8. Thank you for dropping by! The weather is turning and we actually will have a few days above freezing...but that will bring rain...and that could be messy! lol Your blog is very sweet...nice to meet you!

  9. Too funny! And when it wears out, replacements are really cheap. ;)

  10. I love it and it just so happens I have an empty loo roll waiting for me at my craft desk. I did not know however that their were levels in quality. I should have though, everything in life is that way.

  11. hahahaha!
    very clever!!
    ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
    ⋯ ◯ ⋯¨. ︵ .............Mαяιє................^ν^
    ¨︵¸︵( ░░ )︵.︵.︵..............^ν^
    (´░░░░░░ ') ░░░' )

  12. DO you know that almost every time I come over here, my 'loo' rolls get emptier because you have me laughing so hard that I have to go to the loo for fear of peeing myself. I think it would be easier to just take my laptop in with me when I have to go and make that the time that I visit your blog instead. It would cut down on all my running around. But then...I would have to get a gym membership ya know...so this works good for me :-)!!!!
    Your cleverness is beyond genius my funny little friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your white trash comment hit a little close to home. LOL!
    Ya know how we rural Idahoans can be :0
    love from here...

  13. So very very clever I must say! I love this idea!
    Must give it a try.
    Happy weekend to you. xo

  14. This is pretty ingenious! I wonder if I could pass this off as my husband's Valentine gift-he needs one! haha

  15. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest! Way cool.


love to hear from you! ;}