January 18, 2013

If Cath Kidston Had A Boo-Boo..

 well, if she did get a boo-boo...i just know these are
the bandaids she'd use!

 she wouldn't want any ordinary beige one that would clash
with her chintz attire and floral wellies...or plimsouls!

 i don't know if i can actually ever bring myself to use them!
i just needed to add on a few extra dollars in order
to get free shipping from FOREVER 21
and there they were!

i know...seriously...spending extra to get "free" shipping!
what kind of circuitous logic is that? 
my kind! ;}

confess! have you ever done it? come on??!!!

well, these were just too darn cute to pass  up!
gingham! polka dots! hearts!
STOP! i can only take so much!

resistance was futile...
now i just need an owie so i can show them off!
{i do have an unsightly "blemish" on my cheek...
would the polka dot one be too much??!! ;}

happy boo boo free friday!



  1. I too add on to get free shipping sometimes.

    Your bandaids definitely are worth it.

    Too cute!

  2. Cute! Forever 21 had these? Too fun! We have a Rue 21 here at our mall and I love their clothes even though I'm 51! :) Oh will I ever grow up???

    I don't order through the mail as much anymore but when I order my vitamin/healthfood store type of stuff, I get $100.00 worth so I can have free shipping! ♥

  3. These bandaids are really sweet! Hope you are doing well. Enjoy the day!

  4. Love them! I bought my hubby some skull and crossbone plasters for his boo hoos :) have a wonderful weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x

  5. Those are adorable! An YES I have spent extra to get free shipping! LOL

  6. What fabulous bandaids - my granddaughters would love these and so do I!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday! Please feel free to visit my pink saturday post http://laraslovelycreations.blogspot.com/2013/01/happy-pink-saturday.html


  8. What fun bandaids. Makes having a wound not so bad.

  9. Well aren't they just the cutest?! And yes, I have bought little somethings I definitely don't ever need just to qualify for free shipping. Sigh!


  10. AWwww, I love this idea! xoxo Olivia

  11. so cute..
    even getting a cut sounds nice with that sort of band aid.
    ¯¯❤¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\)¯¯¯'\_❤„„„„\) ✿.。.:*Marie *.:。.✿

  12. They are so cute, I'm sure I would have got them too to get the free postage:)


love to hear from you! ;}