January 12, 2013

Desperate...But Not Serious...


so, it's january...
and like every new year, i am wishing the yuletide season
lasted longer...missing how Christmas feels...
and desperately searching for inspiration!
{oh yah, and doing laundry too!}

and then i see an interesting little tchotchke like this
from {FLOMADE} and i just want to give myself
such a noogie! how did she come up with this?
why is there nothing this fun germinating in my 
brain? where do the so inspired find their inspiration?
probably not at the bottom of a bag of circus peanuts, eh?
then i shall soldier on...


  1. I wonder too....all the time! Your little noogie made my day, thanks!

    Greetings Helle

  2. I am always so proud of myself when I do come up with an idea I haven't see before. I sometimes feel like I am the last at the party in creativity.

  3. I totally agree! Why don't these things pop up in my brain? That's why we follow other blogs I guess. I love yours. thx

  4. Cripes! I have missed so many great posts here M!!!
    What???? You not inspired??? Girl, in my dictionary it's your photo that comes up when I look up the word 'inspiration'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I don't know anybody who has such a cool sense of style when it comes to cowboy boots. The ones in your header are gorgeous!!!!
    Inspire on my friend...

  5. Looks like a fun project!!! Dianntha

  6. Well, isn't THAT cute! YOU always inspire me with all your sweet little decorations...so I am glad someone inspires you! xo Diana

  7. perhaps a little adam ant dance party will do the trick.

    as if -- you like totally think of things all the time -- but i know what you mean. just roll with it and you'll be reinspired soon.


  8. That is great. But your brain shares lots of awesome with us so do not fear, giggle...no noogies necessary xo


love to hear from you! ;}