December 29, 2012

A Room With A View...A Very Lazy Post

 my view...
from my bed...
to the right i can watch the rain.
to the left a purring cat{on his 5 foot furry body pillow
that he can't be away from for more than 1 hour a day!}
so, you can see my dilemma!
there are at least 50 things i need to do...
and yet...i linger...

 you think i'd be all shopped out after Christmas...
yet here i lie...pouring over all this cuteness!
{i'm telling myself that i can get some super-slashed-spectacular
stuff on sale...for next Christmas. but who am i kidding...every time
i do that it just ends up costing me twice as much since i can't
remember what i bought...or where the heck i put it when i need it!!!}

 i'm not in denial...
i am completely aware of my colossal laziness...
made so much easier by the camera in my phone!
{i shot, uploaded, edited and wrote this post from my bed!
i think i have have reached the pinnacle of laziness...this very day!;}
i know that i really need to make a new banner for 2013...
create a post or two...or twenty!
shave my legs...
clean out the cat box...

 but i move not!
instead i admire my new coat and am delighted that looks cute on...
as well as hanging in my room! and i smile knowing that it was only $15...
which is about all i will pay for a coat, since we have about 5 "coat worthy"
days per year!

reality check!!!
if i don't get up and feed this one soon...
gnawing on mommy's ample calf could be right around the corner!!!


  1. Haha, laughed out loud!

    Understand the kitty thing and how they really technically rule US humans!

    ♥ your coat, and we have ample coat - parka even - worthy days. You should see our snow. May post about it tomorrow - got back from a wedding late and the days good lighting was gone.

    As for that wardrobe, we have the same one - great tastes we have, definately!

    So you go ahead and be lazy. You have all of next year to be busy. Enjoy it.


  2. too funny, calico's are very affectionate, are they not? stay in bed as long as you feel like it, I'm a big believer in the body knowing what it needs...indulge and enjoy it.

  3. OMG.....I did the exact same thing today!! Seriously. Only I sat in my recliner in the sunroom...with the sun shining so brightly into my eyes, telling me to get up...get those outside decorations down, clean this house.....but nada. I did get out to run to dollar store for containers but that was it. Even came back and took a nap!!!!!
    Last night, tho, I did make my post from my chair, using camera to shoot and then edit right from the chair!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Glad I wasn't alone in my laziness!!!!

  4. Now that's what I call great blogging style.
    Love that cute coat and what a bargain. Better get up and feed kitty cause mine walk all over me when they are hungry.


  5. After Christmas it is easy to feel lazy. Enjoyed your post! Love that coat. Your wall color looks like my bedroom wall color. I am in bed on the computer too:)

  6. You are right where I want to be! I, too, have hit some online sales, mostly Christmas decorations that have no instant gratification!

    Love your new coat!


  7. I love your coat AND the color of your bedroom. Okay- I love your cat, too. Hope you can get your butt out of bed before New Years rolls around..otherwise we may have to send in the troops. xo Diana

  8. Love your current banner! I've been a bit lazy today too. We had new mattresses delivered today, so I had to try them out this afternoon and see if they were napworthy. They are!! Happy New Year!

  9. chuckle, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, snort! Me, toop. sigh. (too lazy to fix typo...)


    Here we go into dreamy January and I'm wondering where all of that brilliant mojo that I had leading up to Christmas has gone.

    But life is still oh, so good, eh?!


    Happy New Year! =]


  10. I think an occasional lazy day is good for us:) It gives our bodies chance to recharge. Love the colour of your coat.

  11. ...your blog is FANTASTIC!!!!!!
    I wish you ... SERENO 2013

  12. Love the cute coat! I need a blizzard worthy one that is respectable enough to be seen in town! ♥

  13. That's great!! wish I was laying in bed all day...maybe tomorrow. :)


  14. Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true...

  15. You are funny!!!
    great creativeness form the bed!!
    good on you!!
    have a really good 2013!
    ☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。
    /▌*˛˚ ░ ░ٌٌٌ♥Marie ˚ *
    / \ ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ ˚ 。✰ •* ˚ ♥♥" ✰˚ ♥* ♥♥


love to hear from you! ;}