November 27, 2012

Stuffed & Decked...

so...have you started already?
have you "hauled out the holly"?

 trimmed the tree?

 have all your presents wrapped & ready?

 ok...bought any presents yet?

yah...i neither!
i am still too stuffed with turkey to start decking the halls!
i am sooooo not ready for santa yet...
but i would welcome a few of his elves to help me zip my my jeans up!



  1. Wish my home looked like that!!! Mine is far from being Christmas! xox

  2. I did get the decorating done, but am still working on the gifts. I went a little simpler this year which made it go faster {and I'm hoping the clean up will be just as fast come January!}.

  3. Where is it that says that the secret to humour is the element of surprise? teeheeeheeheeeee! I have a few elves but they aren't getting anywhere my zippers - too dangerous! =O and....nope! Not a thing done about Christmas, either! =D I've only thought about it. (er, except I've been cleaning the house like a fiend for a month or so.... it's just that time of year.... =/)


  4. Yes, yes, yes and no. I have not wrapped even half of the presents. Sigh! Love your pink balls - sorry couldn't resist. =) They are fabulous!


  5. I have been working all day at some of the finishing touches in each room. I am having my cousins over on Saturday and I would like to have it all done. Dianntha

  6. I hear you! I, however, being the clever girl(ok-old lady) that I am have coerced my son into dragging all the boxes up from the basement for me- NOT pretty but I am almost done....yaaaay for me (for a change) xo Diana

  7. Your photographs make me want to start though :-)!

    Have a lovely day,

    Madelief x

  8. You are too funny! I was getting ready to fall off my chair if you really had ALL of this done.

    My son and I will be flying to SoCal for the Christmas season, so there will not be much decoration at our home. However, my mom and dad in Long Beach will be decking the halls. I might even make it over to Downtown Orange, one of my favorite places to hang out.


  9. Glad to know that there are others out there at the same stage I am. I have a few places in the house that are "done" but still way too many left to go. Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

  10. Tree . . . trimmed.
    Pumpkin Bread . . . made
    Gifts . . . bought and made
    (not wrapped yet) And the rest of the house is a mess!

  11. Wow, that tree is gorgeous!!! I think it has got to be one of your sister's---right????

    I had to dig my fat-pants out too : ) and it ain't gettin' any better till after Christmas!

    much love...


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