November 15, 2012

From The "Cheap & Easy" Files...

so, after a hideous leak and mold incident at work...
we lost all our Christmas decorations...
a truly sad day.

 included in that loss were the VERY tacky little stocking i had made
with everyone's names on them...because, as we all know...
every grown adult pines for personalization during the holidays! ;}

 as i have gotten older, i have become even lazier...
hard to believe i could surpass myself in that area...
but what can i say..."rock star"!!!

 so, instead of all the felt cutting and glitter gluing and forgetting NOT to lay
my hand in freshly drawn squeezy paint...

 i opted for mindless gluing!
so, i bought some letters at michael's {on sale}...
and little bells at walmart...and voila!
now everyone will have their very own initial ornie! 
and all will be right with the world!

 only 17 more to go! phew...time for a twinkie break!


  1. Those are very cute. I have some very sad news for you...did you know that they are going to quit producing Twinkies? For real!'s the thing of it-You can pick up and store them for as long as you want because they have (ready?) NO EXPIRATION date! Who knew? Now-get off your butt-out the door and stock up on those Twinkies! xo Diana

  2. I'm laughing because you are very funny!!!
    Great post!

  3. Cute! I'm sure everyone will love their letters. 17 to go though? Holy cow - how big is your family????



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