November 18, 2012

Easier Still...

 you may have seen these at michael's...
when i see something cute, my first thought is
'that would be even cuter if it was painted!'
and white it my go-to, when something cute is 
already white...well, angels sing and fudge is calorie free!

{you may have also seen that they came is other colors too...but i digress... ;}

so with a little help from the GRAPHICS FAIRY
 i spent a very pleasant little while perusing all her gazillion images
and picked a few to use as that little something extra that any of
your Christmas vignettes might need!

 kitschy black & white santa!

 {just loving all the detail of the fleur-de-lis-y frame!! ;}

 if sledding foxes don't just scream Christmas...then i don't know what does!!! ;}

 now this adorable design would make a great place card at your holiday table!
and, of course...the graphics fairy has made it available in other colors too!!!

 but today i will use it for a little announcement! yippee!!!!

 {these are waiting for you lucy!!!! i know your mom will be thrilled! ;}

 these would also make super cute tress ornaments!
with stenciled burlap! wrapping paper! or gee wiz...
maybe pictures even!! ;}

is your bird thawing? got everything ready for thursday? ;} 
gobble! gobble!

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  1. Oh your frames are gorgeous! I just love the sledding foxes!! So darn cute!

  2. Popping over from The Girl Creative Just Something I Whipped Up link party...

    I've eyed those mini frames at Michael's several times and have been soooo tempted to buy a couple, but I couldn't figure out how to use them in a creative way. Thank you for the ideas!

  3. Okay- You do NOT have a choice about this-if you don't comply I will make sure that every HO HO cupcake in your town is sold out before you get to the store....WHAT must you comply with? The response to THIS question. WHERE WHERE WHERE did you get those baby boots? And,if you tell me you made them I am just gonna cry. xo Diana ps...okay- Love your frames, too...especially the sledding fox(es)...

  4. I planning to do the same thing--want to put pictures of past Christmas' --so fun! Your frames are darling.

  5. I used these to make special ornaments last how yours turned out...xoxo, tracie

  6. Love the detail on those frames. Love that they are white too! Those boots are darling!!

  7. SO many ways to decorate with these M! Love 'em.
    When I think of Christmas I always think of sledding foxes : )

  8. Love the kitty boots - they are precious! And a nice idea for the frames. My sister goes to TJ max and buys a bunch of ugly stuff and paints it white and it just looks so beautiful. (I just don't have the vision). Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  9. Cute, cute and cute! I picked up that little JOY ornament too at Kohl's! ;) Actually grabbed two of them because they were just so damn, well, cute!


  10. Those lil boots are so darn cute & the sledding foxes brought back some
    fond Christmas memories!

  11. Those frames are great. I try and pick up a few every time I'm at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Great idea to use them on the tree.

  12. No I have NOT seen those at Michaels! Please tell me what section- but maybe yours has them and mine doesn't?? Well, I love what you did with yours!

    Since I'm in the middle of moving, my DIL is doing the turkey and I'm doing some sides. ♥


love to hear from you! ;}