October 21, 2012

Of Cupcakes & Wreaths...And Gasoline

who among you can resist mini cupcake papers?
cute, scrolly patterned cupcake papers?
on clearance!

i thought so! ;}

and as soon as i saw them i had a non-caloric plan for them!


so i began to make my little "foofs"...
{if there is a technical term for them...let me know!;}

i "foofed" and glued...
"foofed" and glued...
you get the idea...
a whole lotta "foofing" going on!

after a while... i had this.
don't start this wreath if you have somewhere to be...
within an hour or so...
because the ONLY place you will be is...
gluing and "foofing"!!

{this actually looks a lot like my bangs used to look many years ago...
seriously alpaca-esque! ;}


{i counted to 3...and she refused to move from my "good light"...
so little missy got "wreathed". but i swear, no sassy pets were
harmed in the making of this post!}

and 99 papers later, i was all done!
cute...yet a wee bit boring.
and we all know what the cure for boring is...
{yes! it is the cure! i got that directly from web md! ;}

and the ONLY thing better than glitter is...
glittery birds!

  mr. birdie is looking pretty darn regal for someone who was rescued
from the dollar bins at michaels!

{and when did the dollar bins become the dollar-fifty bins???!!!
or maybe that's just a california thing? we are pretty special, you know!
that's why we have those stupid, i mean special summer/winter gas mixtures that have
been holding us hostage these last few weeks! a special kind of special, we are!}

 and although you will have to devote at least an hour to this project...
{so, if you have a lot of "half-hour worthy" people in your life...
you're gonna want to make something else for them! ;}
but it is about as easy as can be! and for less than the price of a gallon
of gas{depending on which state or county you live in!}
...you too can create this falliciously fab wreath!
and you will have a lot of time to enjoy it...because you won't be
driving anywhere! ;}



  1. Super Cute Idea! I'm glad your kitty didn't attack it! That's what mine would have done! Well, one of them anyway.

    Have a great day! ♥

  2. Love it! I have to try this! I always buy those cute cupcake papers {and I'm not even a major baker; I'm an "every once in awhile" baker}. I need to get a low temp glue gun first.

  3. Oh I think how your wreath turned out was gorgeous! I never can find anything worth anything in the dollar bin at Miachael 's. I love glitter in any form. These birds are adorable..

  4. Dropping by from Met Monday. What a cute idea! Your patience certainly paid off!

  5. Your such a genius girl! I've gotta find where on earth I stashed those cute little cupcake papers that a bought on clearance 2 yrs ago. They gotta be here somewhere...

    Keep comin' up with these great ideas for us!

    Hugs, Sherry (teaming up with Marie @ Dolls by Marie Antionette)

  6. This is so pretty and you are amazing.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. This is beautiful! Just beautiful. Love your work.
    Tell the truth, now--you made it for the kitty, right? It suits her perfectly.

  8. I was very pleasantly surprised when I bought gas today, the price was "only" $3.95 a gallon. Two weeks ago, the price was $4.70 a gallon (I live in Riverside)! Thank goodness Gov. Brown stepped in and we're allowed to buy the winter blend early. In other news, great job on the wreath!

  9. beautiful and easy. i totally agree .. glitter fixes everything. i posted a wreath this week too at someday crafts :) it's a mesh wreath (glittery) and the "Boo" letters are glittered as well :)

  10. What a clever idea. I'd never have thought of this, but they do make some pretty muffin papers. Yours looks great.

  11. What a lovely wreath, it looks beautiful! And I love the addition of the birds! Very cute!

  12. Beautiful wreath! What a great find those cupcake liners were!


love to hear from you! ;}