September 2, 2012

Never Let A Good Butterfly Go To Waste... they say.
they don't say that?
it's not a tried and true American adage?
it's not any kinda adage?
then i hereby proclaim it to be a lazy girl adage!
sine die! {to much convention for me! ;}

only because i happen to have leftover butterflies
{well, that sounds yummy, doesn't it??! ;} from my wreath
dealie...and,'s just the guilt! the guilt of tearing
the pages from a perfectly good's been wearing
on me...i hear this incessant fluttering...and tiny shrill
butterfly voices calling, "you slovenly wastrel, you!"
{i know! who knew the butterflies were so literate, eh?!;}

so, with sad and lonely leftover butterflies in hand, i rummaged
threw my crafting accoutrement {read: piles of crafting crap} for
the perfect foil for my little {whiny} fluttery friends...and there it was...
the burlap covered square i bought at michael's because i had
a gift card...and it was on sale...but i had no idea what i'd ever
do with it!
well, there you go!
slap on some leftover butterflies and some twine and it totally
looks like something that you actually meant to make!
{well, that sounded mean, didn't it?! sorry, it's those shrill
little butterfly voices, yapping, yapping, yapping!}

and if you're like me...and you have a pantry full of match boxes
cuz, really, who doesn't?...add a rabble of butterflies {yah, i
googled that! ;}

and a very vintage pride & prejudice page...

i even used the border scrap to make a cute scrappy border!
{then i got al gore on the horn to let him know that his 6-fireplace-
montecito-home can eat my carbon footprint's dust! ;}

boy, i think those attitudinal butterflies are wearing off on me! ;}

al gore schmal gore...all i know is jane was pleased!
and pleasing jane is paramount!
and one that note i leave you...sine die! ;}

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  1. I love butterflies and yours are adorable!!! :) Hopped over from DIY Project Parade and I'm happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit. Blessings ~ Judy @

  2. Oh, I so love this post! Love butterfies!

  3. Adorable, I agree, never let a good butterfly go to waste!


  4. Now I REALLY want to see a rabble of literate butterflies!
    Cute, cute, cute matchboxes! Cute burlap and butterfly dealie, too. :)

  5. Thanks so much for popping by and commenting on my "wild side" door...I have so enjoyed browsing here today....

  6. Dear OC, love what you do with your left-overs!! Thanks for stopping by... It's always a joy to hear from someone new!! Julie

  7. It's been fun checking out your blog! I would love to have you stop by and enter my link party, as well. (Hosted every Saturday)

  8. Have I really missed all these awesome posts??? No wonder I was feeling a little 'down in the dumps'. All I needed was a little oc cottage pick me up! I had to stop finally and comment on this post because I saw my idol Jane and wondered what she is doing over at your house when she should be at mine? It has been so windy here for days so I have been sitting watching all of her movies...and Dale is ready to shoot himself...or maybe it's me he means to shoot...he's not an Austen fan : (

    You already know I love your writing, but I don't tell you enough that I love your creations too. I can believe that Martha has her own magazine but you don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to see The OC Cottage on the newstands soon!!!

    Your Sept. 11th blog banner and post gave me goosebumps. I will never forget!

    much love from here...


love to hear from you! ;}