September 9, 2012

I Put The "Duh" In Poinsetta...

there has to be something beyond ADD...
like tunnel vision ADD...
or completely oblivious ADD...
and i surely must have it!

i had just emailed susan...
and that made me think of her new stag's head from horchow...
and that made me hurry over to horchow {when i was supposed
to be ordering the-best-bra-ever for my sister {TMI?;}
binding undergarments aside...i saw a few cute things i wanted
to "flatteringly imitate with sincerity" ;} and booked marked them...
like the "flowers" above. but even as i looked at that picture...
i had mentally substituted sheet music, book pages & shells in
my mind's eye.

and as i cut out the petals and made my "tacky tourist shell flower"
i was still clueless...

but as i began to glue, i thought, 'how many petals were there?'

so, i went to my bookmark and counted the petals...
STILL not recognising what i was creating!

until i made the second one...and i thought, 'hey...this kinda looks like
a poinsetta, eh?'

no flies on this girl!
i guess i am a bit lacking in the skills of basic observation!

and when i bothered to read the horchow blurb..."pionsetta! poinsetta! pionsetta!"
i finally got it!
{wow! did i feel dumb as a box of hair! ;}

but just let that go to show you that you need no be hemmed in by

if you are going to steal an just steal it any way you want!

daisy, pionsetta...whatever that dumb 'ol flower is...
you just jolly well make it your own!

{but totally pretend like you meant to do it all along...
and not that you couldn't buy a clue even if someone gave
you $100!! ;}

{i got a broadband error{...for the 10th time today! }link message when i
went to publish and all my links disappeared...sorry!!...if i linked to your party
and it's not here please let me know so i can add your link in again...
thank you AT & T, NOT!

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  1. That's too funny about you making stealth poinsettias, but they turned out great regardless.
    What a great example of serendipity!

  2. They are so pretty, especially the little details!

  3. super cool they turned out awesome!

  4. What a great idea. I must try these for the holidays.

  5. You are hilarious! and the flowers and butterflies are gorgeous! I just found your blog and I love it!
    Your explanation of getting the flowers online sounds so much like me...the Queen of ADD....I tell my children and hubby
    "I have Attention Deficit Disorder, You Do NOT give me enough ATTENTION!" So I have to think about crafts all the time!
    I know it isn't their fault...I just love decorating and sewing an embroidery and painting and doll making and floral arrangements
    and cross stitching and vintage lace and oh....oh....OH!!!! Look, there's a butterfly!

    You make me smile at the ADD's of the world, including myself! Thanks for the beautiful things and for making me smile at myself!


love to hear from you! ;}