September 25, 2012

How Can I Bore U...Let Me Count The Ways!

did i actually promise never to do another post about butterflies?
i may have hinted at it...but i don't think it was written in stone...
therefore, i have a loophole!  ;}  {and loopholes are for the loopy! ;}

 i am still having computer issues...but i was able to use pictures i already
 had...lucky you!!! ;} so, i thought i'd torture you with these...

 i have no delusions i invented this...{before someone creates an angry
 post and burns me in effigy! ;} it just popped into my head and i went
 with it...

 i think i really just wanted to do some "staging" with a wee ladder...
 and tiny wellies!

 but they are fun little butterflies...

 i can see a Christmas tree full...or more appropriately and Easter tree!

 as some sort of clip...even a hair clip!!! ;}

 a gift tag? that would be kinda fun!!!

 a whole flock hanging from strings!

just cut out 2, 3, 4...or even more butterflies from your favorite book
or paper...and then loop them with string...and bobs your uncle!

how many ideas can YOU come up with for them???

White Wednesday


  1. Your butterflies are so sweet. Happy final White Wednesday!

  2. Right now I'm suffering from brain freeze, but just let me get this pesky show behind me and I bet I could come up with a cajillion.
    In the meantime I'll just stare at your tiny butterflies and even tinier props!

  3. So pretty. I can never get enough butterflies. Keep them coming xo

  4. I didn't see any promises about no more butterflies. Who would make such a silly promise? There's no such thing as too many butterflies--especially these.

  5. I want to make some of these!!! more---more---more butterflies PLEASE!


love to hear from you! ;}