September 1, 2012

an {oc cottage} movie...

ok, this may be a bit much...
but i did make a imovie.
{after much salty talk and gnashing of teeth!;}

{this "oscar" is more like it!! ;}

just had a bee in my bonnet to see if i had any functioning
grey matter left, so i wrestled with imovie until i won!
it's just a little montage of pictures, don't get too excited...
but if you do watch it, don't enlarge it to full screen. i
know you think i'm just saying that to keep you from
noticing all the cat hair that invades my every picture
{and every facet of my life and being!;} although it looked
so purdy when i watched it full screen in lost
a lot of it's "purdy" in the translation to you tube! ack!}

and i hope to be making a little movie that will be of MUCH
more interest to you all, in just a few days!;}

Mop It Up Monday


  1. Holy Cow- You did a GREAT job on your "movie". Wonderful. I have. You do beautiful crafting and I love it all. time...can you get an action figure in there? You know...a cat slapping one of those little glittered birds or something...xo Diana

  2. WOW that is amazing! I love it- and the music is so soothing!

    Thank you- this was a lovely respite!

  3. Weel just look at you, you clever thing! It is brilliant, I love all the different clever ways when you go from one pic to the next. Jolly well done!!!

  4. Nicely done! But how could it not be with such lovely material to work with? :) Truly... gorgeous!

    A couple tips that took me forever to find on my own...

    You can capture more of your pictures if you select 'standard' when you first create your project. (widescreen is the default) Widescreen works well with this slideshow but you'll be annoyed when you notice people's heads are cut off. (ask me how I know!)

    You can also slow down the transitions between the pictures. Which will take you even more hours but it's a cool effect. :)

  5. Always love your pictures. You are a clever photographer and now, a Movie Maker! Partial to those teacup pix and your chintz always puts me over the moon. Chintz teacups in a muffin tin? Be still my heart.
    Ruthie from:
    (two more days for our giveaway)

  6. That was so pretty! I love the girly-girl-ishness of it all! Did you create all those vignettes yourself? I love all the beautiful teacups- I have a thing for fine bone china teacups. LOL Nicely done!

  7. As a former local tv producer I wonder why I don't try more of this techy stuff on my blog! Nice job! Great use of displays and vintage goodies. Love it. ~Jillian

  8. Gosh, I'm soooo impressed!
    It was really lovely to see your images, and set to music like that was wonderful.
    Have a lovely day,

  9. Bravo!
    I loved the music background. Can you send me any info or a link. I would like to buy that for my IPod. Thanks.

  10. Well done M! Lovely pinks, greys and white's!

    Madelief x

  11. So many beautiful images you've taken! That cabinet with all the teacups was amazing. The paper flowers out of book pages also caught my eye, among other things! I also did an imovie-movie for one of my posts a while back and I struggled with the new version of imovie as well. I used to use the old version and loved it; the new one, not so much. Ah well...yours turned out well!


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