August 23, 2012

I Know I Promised To Stop But...

...i got this hare brained idea.
not like lucy & ethel dressed like martians or anything...
but loopy nonetheless!

i still had a couple of these frames from a past project
and i have yet to rid myself of the urge to encrust
inanimate objects with shells so...

i drew my pattern right onto that ugly bird that looks like
it's in the throws of being poisoned! then i mixed some white
paint with my glue {to kill 2 birds with 1 stone...ahem.... ;}
and slathered the mixture all over! and what do you know?
my pattern was gone...duh! yes, i am a rocket scientist! ;}
so, then i drew my pattern again...into the glue...with a fork!
take that jpl, with your lousy little mars rover! ha!

and then i added shell, after shell, after shell, after...
well, you get the idea.... a lot of shells.
i am totally going to lie right now and say that i used sand
for the background because that is the look i was going for...
{instead of saying that i was really tired of staring at little
shells so i just slapped that sand on there before i screamed! ;}

i know.
a cupcake make of shells?
ok, so it's not exactly "two great things that go great together"!
and it's not going to be in pottery barn kids or restoration
hardware baby & child catalogs! but i just had to try it to see...
and now that i have seen...i think it belongs under the couch!
hey, we just can't be fabulous every single day! so, let's just
shoot for once, every other week! ;}

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Tatertots & Jello


  1. Please don't stop, you're inspiring me. I need ways to use my shells:)

    BTW, I love that Lucy episode!

  2. A HUGE improvement on the birds and I love those little whitest white shells... a fluffy, sweet marshmallow cup cake!

    Fiona xx

  3. I will only say you are crazy if you put it under your couch. I actually like how it looks!♥♫

  4. I think it looks like a vase with flowers. I like it

  5. Cute! AND no sugar to damage my teeth- xo Diana


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