August 24, 2012

How I Roll...

it's not exactly The Grapes Of Wrath...yet...
but these are uncertain days in a very uncertain world!
the price of gas juuuuust keeps rising {insert whichever
reason, explanation or excuse they are currently using! ;}.
and, more importantly...have you seen the price of
peanut butter lately???!!! holy cats! it's simply scandalous!

now i make no claims of being "the queen of green" or anything
like reason for finding an alternative use for trash is only
so there will be a few less things in the trash bags that i have to
schlep to the bin! {that environmental hug i just gave the earth
brought a tear to your one good eye, didn't it...go onnnnnn admit it! ;}

i have been saving up toilet paper rolls for-ev-uh! and i think i
have about 13,ooo {i took a picture, but then thought that actually
publishing it might just get me a knock on the door from Hoarders!}
i have been collecting them to make some fabulous wall decor, like
i always see on pinterest. but every time i think about all the cutting
and painting and gluing involved...the lazy girl inside me and whispers
in my ear, "why don't we just have some chips and watch a stupid sitcom
on netflix!" she knows me too well! it sure does seem like the crafting
equivalent to swimming the english, i thought i'd start
out slow...and just wade in the kiddie pool!

can you get slower than napkin rings? go on! i dare ya to try!
i used my fancy schmancy spendy jeanne d'arc paper...i'll admit
i did hesitate! it almost seemed sacrilegious to glue that paper to
a...gasp...toilet paper roll! but...i did it anyway! {then pondered the
need to go to confession!;}

and naturally i used some of my printed burlap...because as God is my
witness, i will use every last inch of it...and should i have any shreds left
over...i will give them to the birds to use in their nests to ensure that none
is wasted!
and the white one, i just used fun scissors, a bit paint and some shells.
{shells? really?! me use shells? get out!;}

i though i liked the plain look...but apparently i don't know me very well
so, i added mr. strafish...but wouldn't a vintage sparkly pin look divine
too or a sand dollar?

again with the, then i thought...since they are quite strong
and roomy, you could tuck all the needed silver ware right in there
with the napkin!

any width you want, any pattern you want, any whim that strikes you
the night...or ever just a few hours before your soirée, you can create
it...just as long as you have 15 empty toilet paper rolls at the ready! ;}
and trust me one this one...i do!

Tatertots & Jello
Funky Junk Interiors>Fabulously Creative Fridays with Jennifer Rizzo

{i was going to be really cool and call the tp rolls "loo rolls" like our
maties across the pond do. but every time i repeated it in my head
i just heard "Lou Rawls" and, you know, i am sure he is a nice man...
not that i know him or anything...but it just seemed mean and i
couldn't bring myself to do it! forgive me Lou!}


  1. Very nice. I love the antique look with the crisp white of the napkin.

  2. You crack me up. Every time. And for that I thank you! Lovely, as ever. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was going to say the same thing! I love the way you write as much as I love the way you craft with shells.

  4. Always love your talents as well as your sense of humour!I'll have to start saving my rolls as this is pretty cute.


  5. Wow, great upcyclling on the toilet paper rolls-I never would have guessed. I am LOVING that printed burlap!! I need to get some for myself! Visiting from TT&J.

  6. Your napkin rings (and napkins) are gorgeous!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original Linky party is open!

  7. Aw...I wanna be just like you when I grow up except I had to give up chips for my health. Other than that, I wanna be just like you and make fabulous napkin rings out of toilet paper rolls. I have quite a collection, too, but I have been saving them for Christmas poppers...or popovers if I have to keep feeding all this bunch of family for every Holiday. Anyway, yours look real purdy! NICE JOB! xo Diana

  8. These are so cute and what a pretty idea!

  9. Great post - I love those napkin rings especially the burlap ones. Your 'lazy girl' resides in me too! I'm frequently full of good intentions but that's often as far as I get:)

  10. Wonderful, I think they work beautifully Shhh, I shall not tell;')~

  11. Lovely images! a great idea beautifully presented...well done, not such a lazy girl!
    Have a lovely weekend:-)
    Fiona x

  12. Omg this is so great! And I just found your blog and am loving it! Can't wait to read more!!

  13. Found your blog through a pin on pinterest-- love it! I have a question about the pin that orginated from you that is of bluebird china cup and saucer-- can you tell me where you found it-- the maker? I love anything bluebird and it was so beautiful! Thanks!


love to hear from you! ;}