July 14, 2012

Where Bloggers...Uh...Create...

where bloggers create...
"where"...i find "where" to be such a limiting word!
as if ALL my creativity can be harnessed and corralled
into one location! i think not!
{you weren't even buying one single word of all that...
were you? ;} yah...me either!
but i digress...

well, the pretty darn talented, karen valentine of room 222,
i mean, my desert cottage, is hosting her annual blogger event
Where Bloggers Create ...the day when bloggers
from all over the world pull back the curtains on
their creative spaces and let us all "get our Mrs. Kravitz on"!
and if you want to see some AMAZING rooms...get on over there!
and if you stay here...well, you'll see my kitchen counter...
overflowing with creativity!

another counter...still brimming with shells, etc., from my latest endeavor...

my "process" may be scandalously flawed...but the result was pretty cool.

we all need something to fuel our creativity!
for some it's nature...for others maybe it's music...
the works of the masters...a poem...
just sugar and carbs!

many, many, too many books and magazines for inspiration!
{and some sour gummy worms too...i find that the synapses
really fire when my face is all puckered up! ;}

uh...looks like there's more inspiration next the couch!
{and under it too, but let's just keep that between us, ok?! ;}
the catnip toy inspires my four-legged hooligans! ^..^

REALLY! i do need all of this for future creations! really! i do!!! no, really!

scared yet? ;}

this is what you might call my photography studio...
and if by "photography studio" you mean dining room table...
you'd be right!
you may notice that i have a tendency NOT to put things away
on a daily basis. ;}

scared yet? ;}

but you can still make a pretty picture from a really big mess!
trust me...i do it ALL the time! i have mad camouflaging skills!
or maybe it's just that i am mad...hmmmm...

lest you think i jest about the FHC...
exhibit A.
talk about inspiration!
{oh, and lookee there, some unfinished projects...how did they
get there! ;}

kitchen cabinet...
i imagine there are those of you, who being slaves to convention,
use your kitchen cabinets for...oh, i don't know...let's say, dishes upon
which you feed your family? for food stuffs which you feed to your family?
yah, yah...blah, blah, blah! i need my paint and glitter at the ready...
at all times!

all that to say, i don't have a gorgeous, well-appointed or even organized
creative space...i don't even have an organized underwear drawer! that's
just not me...or my life...or how i need to create. maybe someday...when
i grow up! ;}

so if i my creative chaos hasn't frightened you into making a xanax
smoothie...if you're not cowering in a corner chewing your hair...
be sure to visit Where Bloggers Create for some gorgeous
decorating ideas, very clever uses of space and just plain eye candy!

{come on! who is going to host the "reveal all" medicine cabinet
party? huh? Where Bloggers Medicate? how very valley of the dolls!;}


  1. This cracks me up---makes me feel a little better after seeing all these to pretty to be real crafting rooms:) Thanks for making me laugh!

  2. You won't scare me! Your's looks REAL. More like mine! And I spy the aspirin bottle! I need a couple right now 'cuz I'm going to sew on the table and I'm feeling frustrated with the heat. It's making me cranky. First, the aspirin, then the pillow cases! That's my plan.♥♫

  3. Is amazing the colorful vignettes we made when we create and oh so creative...FHC and all ;)

  4. It is so good to see someone else that makes a mess! lol! While pretty rooms are pretty to look at I think if mine where like that I wouldn't want to mess it up!lol! Mine is in my laundry room! Yuck!

  5. Thanks for the really good laugh!! Your creations are inspired, so your space works!

  6. Thank you for sharing! I didn't know they made such a thing as flaming hot Cheetos. My son loves Cheetos, but we sure don't have those in Canada. I think everyone's space it less than photo ready when its being used. Keep up the great creative work! Do drop by when you have a chance. I spent a week tidying up my space.

  7. no other blog...and i do mean NO other blog makes me laugh til i pee expect yours!! this was ever-so-refreshing!! i'm laughing out loud at my computer screen as we speak. I ADORE your sense of your humor and your "realness!!! this was the BEST studio visit yet!! ;)

    P.S. just got out my box of "summer stuff" ( a bit late....blah..blah..blah) and found all of those gorgeous summer-inspired treasures that I won from your sumer of 2011 giveaway. MERCI once again!!

  8. Oh, you dear kindred spirit you! Thanks for speaking out for the multitudes of us who are just not that perfect! But, look at your gorgeous creations! That takes real talent to create order from mayhem,LOL! Your shell creations are FAB!

  9. Great post!! Your space is beautiful chaos! And most of our spaces look like yours when we are not trying to show off our spaces but actually creating in them!

    bee blessed

  10. You are an absolute HOOT!!!! But that is truly why we all love you too!!!! To be creative you need not one particular space...just the desire to make something beautiful ~ now, I'm off to have my smoothie ;) xxoo, Dawn

  11. I LOVE and Appreciate your real space. I like the idea of the kitchen for a studio. I sometimes use my kitchen table as it feel "comfortable" there!
    Thanks for the tour and great eyecandy! Love chintz!

  12. You are hilarious! Xanax smoothie! Now that's funny! I have a little spot in the basement where I "paint my stuff", but it looks so bad I am afraid to photograph it. Anyhoo, have a great Sunday.

  13. Your posts always crack me up and today is no exception. And your piles look strangely familiar, believe me. My dining room table usually is not visible due to my projects. And I do have a space to work in...it's just that sometimes the kitchen or the dining room feels more right. And that's just the way it is. Smile...


  14. You are adorable! I love how you shared your creative space...perfectly honest and beautiful.

    xo, abby

  15. HAHAHAHA! {deep breath} HAHAHAHAHAHA! Where Bloggers Medicate cracked me up big time! Excuse me, I have to go get a tissue....

  16. For just a second there I confused X-Lax with xanax and then realized- Holy Crap! That's not what she meant...

    I love your mad creative spirit. I don't have a real "place to create" either. I have a hole in the basement but it does have a wide screen TV that MyHero refused to part with and had no place else to put it. So...I can watch TV while trying to create a mess....or is that clean up a mess? Whatever. Love the FHC! I can't eat them -they make my stomach feel like it is on fire~ I'll send you all of mine~ xo Diana

  17. Well, after seeing your creative space, I might share mine. I was afraid everyone had those fancy built ins where they could conceal all the mess. I might re-think this.

  18. AAhahahahaa! now this is my speed!!! I would love to have an actual "craft room", or studio, or office, or whatever you call it...but alas...my dining room table IS my "creative space"...and it looks quite a bit like yours. What a relief.....

  19. LOL....you are so very funny...just what I needed !!! And I don't even have a medicine cabinet to show....and my creative space is in worst shape than yours.....isn't being creative hard enough, and now to be organized???

  20. hahaha, I love this!!!! is my creative room too!!!

  21. Where bloggers medicate! Ha-ha! Girl, you had me scared from the first pic! Ha-ha-ha! No, if it wasn't for all the other people I share this house with, my whole house would be a crafting place! Keep having fun, M!

  22. You are just too funny. Loved the good chuckle first thing in the morning. I hear tell that is good for the brain chemistry as well, so thanks for getting me up and going this morning.

  23. haha!! Oh you had me giggling! I LOVE it! I tell you ..some times those super duper organized picture perfect craft rooms and studios work as road blocks. You almost feel as if everything you do MUST be planned. No spur of the moment, flashes of inspiration, and disregard for order. ya know? I love beautiful messes!! :) Piles and piles of pretty bits and jars and bottles! And a random snack....perfect! :)

    Thanks bunches for popping by my blog! )

    Love from the NJ Shore!
    xo Jenny Holiday

  24. Lol! Great post! I tell people I used to be organized. Now I'm just a happy mess but I know where everything is. Love the bag of Cheetos. =)


  25. NOW THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Did you notice how I never showed the inside of that huge cabinet my son built. Even HE won't open those doors for any amount of money. Mainly because he doesn't want to be maimed by all the falling debris.
    You make me laugh...I don't even bother watching sitcoms anymore since I discovered the 'world of M'!!!
    much love...

  26. Oh how fun! I'm not really creative, so I don't actually have much in the way of arts and crafts scattered around...but, I had to devote an entire room to my dishes and such.

  27. Stop it! Laughing makes me cough right now, ugh. lol. Great post, and way to tell it like it is. You are not alone but you are more brave than most of us. ;) Hugs!

  28. LOVE LOVE the shell book. I love all things beach. I am a FLORIDA beach girl..stuck living in the desert....sigh... thanks so much for sharing!! Hugs

  29. All those paint bottles you have are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your art space.... s!!! :)
    Have a great day!

    Ciao bella
    Sensible Sarah

  30. It's such a relief to see a woman's work space that looks worked in...compared to the "Better Homes and Gardens" slick spread that so many studios have. Well, maybe yours looks that good sometimes too, but I feel more comfortable with the "unfinished projects" look you show.

  31. I laughed all the way through this blog post... I didn't post my studio this year......I have more projects in there than space...... Didn't even think of posting it anyway, knowing there are lots of ladies who are creative wherever the mood strikes... Good for you! Carbs and Sugar. Yep.


  32. Ha! I'm so, so, delighted to see these photos!! I actually had to shove things into another room just to get a few decent photos for the party. But the truth is that my creative spaces (yes, more than one - in fact, lots of rooms) are filled with my creative clutter! We haven't eaten at the dinning room table in ages. Thank you for not letting me alone in this pretty mess!

    Blessings... Polly

  33. Love, love, love your post! It's so real! While I don't have glitter and paint everywhere (just some places) id do have dishes - EVERYWHERE (OK, I may have spard my son's room).

    - The Tablescaper

  34. OH I LOVE IT!!! LOL! this is what MY SPACE usually looks like - I cleaned up nice for the blog hop! LOL But as soonas I start creating the frenzy starts!!!

  35. Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! OMG that is hilarious!!! I am always like,"I could never get my space cleaned up enough to participate in something like that-wow those girls are so cool, advanced, organized, ga ga ga!" Thanks for making me feel so much better! LOL!

  36. I love your blog and your awesome sense of humor. Thank you for being real with us as most of us tend to live in a space like you showed and not the ones where it took a week to clean. Only to be torn apart soon after for the next project. I do love your sense of style when you do post pictures. Thank you for helping all of us havenangood laugh!

  37. Love the shell covered book/box creation, dreamy. Love seeing a "real" artist studio. Thank you for sharing your brand of inspiration.

  38. Welcome to the real world - I own a business and as soon as you walk upstairs - ditto!

  39. You are a HOOT! I have never had the luxury of having one room for ALL of my creativity. Hence, I have had to use kitchen cupboards, old ironing board cupboards, decorative boxes filled with craft odds and ends... I know the deal.

    I LOVE YOUR CREATIVE CHAOS. And thanks for the sMILEs!


  40. Thanks for the laughs..... as I brush the crumbs of Pringles Cheddar Cheeses from my fingers to type this comment..... Your space is colorful, wonderful and definitely lets you create! Thanks for sharing...... Newest (for this moment) follower and will be back to see all your lovely (and fun) creations!

    Take care,

  41. You make such pretty things, it doesn't really matter where you create! You get the job done! : )

  42. LOL,,,,,Love it! My studio doesn't look quite the same a week later either! We may not be the tidiest, but we're workin' here!!!!

    Thanks for Sharing!!

    Hugs and Love,

  43. That was so much fun!!! Thank you so much for joining the party! It wouldn't have been the same without you!!!

  44. the little vignettes of collections in your sweet piles a do cute . I take all my photos in my dining room come take a look Pat Beglin

  45. A girl after my own heart! I long for a creative space but we moved in to take care of my mom with 2 kids 2 dogs 2 cats and a turtle...we couldn't fit a craft room if we used a crowbar! I am a mess anyway! karen...

  46. Someone with a sense of humor, who remembers Room 222 and can reference Mrs. Kravitz. . . you are my kinda gal! I love your writing and am signing up for updates just to read more!!! Now I need to go check out your crafting, which I am sure is awesome as well. Thanks so much for making my day, giving me a laugh and sharing the real you with all of us!

  47. Oh my gosh, I was pinning away this morning from some of my fave blogs (yours' being one) and got all tangled up in yours reading past posts! I stumbled on this one and I seriously laughed out loud1 It made my day! Although I do have a designated craft room that is decorated, if peeps could see what it looks like day to day, they would be stunned! So, I'm just here to say, even if you have designated spaces, a true crafter is not neat and tidy! xo! clare


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