July 8, 2012

Shell We?

do all those paper mache items at michael's call your name?
yah...me too! but i notice that they are MUCH more insistent
when i have a gift card! ;}

so, you know...i caved...i bought several paper mache...or as the french
say, "papier mâché". i know! it looks SO oooohhhh laaaalaaaaaa when you
spell it in french, that you can almost forget that the literal translation is
"chewed paper"! YOW! now i know that...in weaker moments...i have
admitted that i'd pretty much eat anything if it was slathered in ranch
dressing and couldn't out run me...but i just might draw the line at
"chewed paper"...and ABC gum! ack!

oh, for the love of mike...what was i talking about again...aaaah yes...
chewed paper and the siren's song of a michael's gift card...so, i bought
a few if those "book boxes"...with the intentions of covering them with
that burlapy material that you are all sick to death of!

or that jeanne d'arc paper that i paid a fortune for so i should basically
be papering a bathroom with it! but...the material doesn't give the way
i need it too...and the paper doesn't fold as nicely as i'd like it to...

so, you know how that goes...i never did anything with those boxes!
UNTIL, summer rolled around and my sisters brought out the snazzy
embellished and somewhat garishly bedazzled starfish i made for them
in days gone by.

i know...i know...there is a point to all of this and i promise to get to it...
sooner or later! ;}

so, just when i wanted to make an updated version of my gaudy
starfish...i found that i did not have all the ingredients! darn the

but i did have shells on the brain! and although i had no seed pearls...
i had/have a passel shells...and a few papier mache book boxes!

so, i got busy....slathering on about 200 metric meters of tacky glue.
{can you tell i am an AMERICAN? ;} nooooooo understanding of anything
kilostuff...i get a liter of soda...but gram? well, to me that's a cracker that
needs to be dunked in milk!
FAHRENHEIT, FEET & POUNDS FOREVER! i am having shirt made
and starting a campaign! ;}

n-eee-way...i glued and picked and sorted and arranged...and 48 hours

noooooooooooot really! like i would spend 48 hours on anything besides
sleeping or a petticoat junction marathon!

and there you have it...the fruits of my labor..a shell encrusted book shaped
box. that i don't actually need...but what the heck else is new???

i suppose i can use it to store all my jewels...
or my gold ingots...
or rolos...we'll see!

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  1. Hmmm, too much coffee today??? You crack me up....well, your box turned out nice..and I vote for the rolos....!!

  2. Your project turned out very well. So pretty and white. A great use for your papier mache!

  3. OMGOSH! Talk about gorgeous- Absolutely beautiful! Shell we call this a winner of a post? xo Diana

  4. ...lol! Lol!! LOL!!!
    and at the same time ~ spin something lovely:)
    which, btw, looks like one of those old sailor valentine shell mosiacs ~ ADORE!!

    ~ and petticoat junction, rolos and ranch dressing inspired crimes ~ HA!!!

    xo, Rosemary

    ps. i totally agree with the metric system (my brain just won't pick it up!) when you have your tee's made, put me down for one:)

  5. delightful..dreamy...refreshing...LOVE! ;)

  6. Love it! And no, never knew it meant chewed paper. lol!


  7. Oh my gosh! I love this!!!
    chewed paper?? euw....I wonder who chewed it all to make whatever it was they were making in France? uck.

  8. ....and no sea creatures were harmed in the making of this movie.....lol.
    I just love your sense of humour. And as a Canadian, I don't like metric either! So send me a TShirt.
    And - your ABC shell book box is stunning.

  9. I love it! And I love your sense of humour. That was a lot of glueing but it came out quite pretty to store rolos in it. :) Pamela

  10. You made me smile all the way down this charming entry and the box turned out very special. I have a frame that I made with shells, somewhere buried deep within my collection of things that I made and did not need...one day someone shall locate it and appreciate it as much as I did when I created it;')~

  11. Oh, I love it and it is white. Wonderful. Sheila from: Six One Oh Sew Sheila Sew blog site.

  12. Hello I found you round about from Coastal Charm to Between Naps on the porch or something like that - I'm at work and am on a click fest at the moment. But I love your post and I dearly love your box. I am becoming a follower!! And I may have to copy your box as I have lots and lots of shells.

  13. Very pretty and beachy too! Thanks for the smile and have a lovely day.


  14. Gorgeous boxes! Beautiful summer decor.

    Blessings for the day,

  15. Your gorgeous shell boxes would be wonderful as a gift,because they're gorgeous if you are willing to give away something you worked so hard on. They look wonderful!

  16. Oh these are gorgeous!!!!! Fabulous job. :)

  17. Oh my! So pretty! Beautiful job!

  18. Thank you for giving me a laugh. Can I say I have been there. I am sick of burlap and I now have yards of it. Love the shells, very nice for summer. I have always wanted to make a sailors box, but do not have the patience. This project is right up my alley.


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