July 25, 2012

I ❤ Heart Home!

it's that time again!
awesome ideas!
amazing inspiration!
aloha nui loa! {ok, not really, i was just going with the
'things that start with "a" for $500, alex' theme!

time for the new edition of HEART HOME MAGAZINE !

a subway blind...blind! how cool is that??!!
{CATFORD! i have always lived there!
who knew? ;}


{who could spit pepsodent into a sink this
gorgeous, i ask you??!}

in case you haven't heard...and IF NOT
where have you been??!!
HEART HOME is an exceedingly cool on-line magazine
brimming with swoon-worthy pictures...

and fabulous ideas!

and they have truly outdone themselves with this issue!

there is something for everyone!

whatever your style...

you'll find a little somethin' somethin' to enjoy!

a calorie-free barrel full of eye candy
to satisfy your creative sweet tooth!
{say that 3 times fast! ;}

for free!
did i mention that?

yep! from their HEART to your HOME!

go forth and devour!



  1. okay- Well, I guess I have been under a rock somewhere- I did not know about this magazine but I will go check it out NOW! xo Diana

  2. Lol wow Catford, I am not too far from you in Streatham Vale. Lovely blog :0) Will be visiting again. Love & light Trace x

  3. I also have never heard of this magazine! It looks lovely! *goes off to read* :D

  4. Have I been living under a rock. Hey I'd stay and chat but I have a magazine to leaf through!!!! Thanks for uncovering me.
    much love...

  5. How is there a magazine I haven't heard of? I must be off my game!

    Thanks for the tour,

  6. This is Melissa @ Daisy Mae Belle. Thanks for the tour of that amazing magazine! My mind is spinning with ideas with just these few pictures! I can't wait to see more!


love to hear from you! ;}