July 29, 2012

Have I Finally Gone Too Far?

so, my bags and bags of shells were mocking me...

my laziness, my lack of creativity, the zit i have above my lip...
{i'm thinking of adding a bit of eyebrow pencil to it and going
for a cindy crawford look! ;}

well, i decided to show them...dumb shells!

ha! they got their comeuppance!

and it only took about 2 episodes of the killing and 15 glue sticks!
{and 1 vicious burn! whooooooooooboy!}

and when it was done...i wondered if i hadn't gone too far?

obviously, it's "for decorative purposes only"...as they say.
no earl grey or abuelita in this one!

i can see it on a book shelf...or a desk...part of your summer decor.

but seriously?
who glues shells to china?
but then again, wait until you see what i recently
glued...to shells.
stay tuned and you can help me decide if i need to
place myself under a 72 hour hold! ;}

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  1. OH MY! How gorgeous! I played with shells this week, too and hot glued some to a cork coaster. I love the tea cup....I wonder if I could do that! I'll stay tuned! I LOVE SEASHELLS!

  2. How beautifully clever!!! I really like this post!!! Well done!!! Cathy

  3. Very pretty...I didn't know what was going on until I saw that tea cup...perfect complement to the sea shells...I'd love to see where it lands.

  4. Love it. If you are cracked...I say....keep on cracking-it gets better and better. xo Diana

    ps. I think the usual 'hold' is 48 hours-

  5. No lovely, you can never go to far at the OC! Love it.

  6. Not too far at all. Simply lovely!

  7. Hah! If I could do stuff like that, I'd collect more seashells.

  8. Your project feels perfect for summer! Give yourself a huge pat on the back. Well done!

  9. I love it! I am constantly doing things like that. People who do not understand say I have to much time on my hands. lol

  10. beautiful - I love it! it looks like summer! At least you have done something with your shells, while mine still sit in a glass vase! However they do decorate my bathroom in their glass vase.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Love it! This will go with my chargers! Now we just need a shell-covered dinner plate and we're all set! Might be tricky to eat off, but who needs food when we have beautiful shell dishes! :)

  12. I love it....I can't stop playing with seashells either. Its one of the few things that captures me every time I look at them with an amazing awe of their beauty. I say keep going. lol....over the top would be this
    and even this I find beautiful....you have a long way to go. lol

  13. Wow. I have teacups (that I never use) and I have shells. Now ... I have a project. Thanks so much,

  14. As a newly addicted sea shell artist I don't think you've gone too far at all ... it's very unique and an awesome way to turn an ugly tea cup into a beautiful piece of art others will enjoy {even if they can't drink from it} ... not saying this cup was ugly {I'm no tea cup snob} :~)

  15. You always make the sweetest things and these are right up there. Really nice~

  16. Beautiful and creative! Can't wait to see what you glued to shells...sounds interesting!

  17. Well now isn't that just stunning?!! You have more patience than I, but it looks like it was worth the time & the burn. So pretty & beachy!

  18. hey M!

    these are beautiful! i'm playing with shells tonight! seriously. :) ever see one of those "sailor's valentines"? that would be very cool to try. you might even need more shells.

    perhaps you can fashion a zit cover from a wee shell to festoon your bad self? :)


  19. This is Melissa @ Daisy Mae Belle. Your blog is just beautiful! I am your newest follower!

  20. Well, I, for one, love it! What's not to love? Seashells and a pretty teacup...can't go wrong!

  21. oh my goodness you have been busy. Seashells mocking you, only one thing you can do create beauty! Well done. xo P.S. love the zit idea

  22. Too far??? Not at all...this is awesome!!! The only problem I could possibly find with this is couldn't you have at least watched something genteel like Pride and Prejudice while you di something this pretty?
    Love it!
    sending hugs...

  23. How cute! And not too far at all! Just watch out for that glue gun - those things are dangerous!

  24. You always create THE most beautiful things!! and I always love your amazing photos. I'll be featuring this post on Vintage Inspiration!

  25. not at all! these are gorgeous!

  26. This is fabulous! I'm your newest follower, found you on Vintage Inspiration Friday. I love old teacups and I love shells. What a great combo!


  27. gorgeous !
    wonderful ideas to feature beautiful shells


love to hear from you! ;}