June 2, 2012

Scout's Honor

Read the Printed Word!

{if you are a sniffer of old books, like me!}

Read the Printed Word!

{if you hope there will be an old letter, picture or flower in each used book you buy and make up tales about the previous owner!}

Read the Printed Word!

{if you LOVE to read the notes written just inside the cover and MARVEL at the gorgeous penmanship of days gone by!}

{if you LAMENT the passing of each magazine...and THRILL over the publishing of each new book...especially when it's one of your blog buddies!}

pass it on...
let your kindred spirits know...


{thx for the 411, muffin! ;}


  1. I am soooo with you- I love old books-especially those that have notations in the front- a letter penned from Mother to daughter or Auntie to nephew...love it...I even love the smell of old books- xo Diana

  2. Sweet! I'm taking one. I've told my husband many times when Christmas or my birthday is around, "do not buy me a kindle; I will not use it". Don't want it ~ love my books. Love turning the pages. Love looking at my set of Little Women books that my grandmother gave me when I turned twelve and seeing her note to me inside the cover. And I love buying books for my own little granddaughter and my nephews to pass that love on.

  3. Amen, sister! My family had to drag me out of the library tonight. I only escaped with an armful of books. Normally I leave with bags and bags. My spoils included two home decor books, a lesser-known novel by Cormac McCarthy, a classic by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and a mystery. Ah, the raptures of book love!


love to hear from you! ;}