June 10, 2012

In Stitches...

what could you make from clothes so damaged that
even a thrift store can't sell them?
a new year's eve dress, like this??!!!
well, if you are REFASHIONISTA , apparently you can make anything!

or should i say, what can you RE-MAKE anything...

this frumpy dress becomes...

an adorable tunic!

i think she is just amazing!
since i can't sew a stitch, i think that hemming
something is akin to creating fire! but she doesn't simply
hem...she rebuilds and re-sizes too! sheesh!
{the mere thought of all that cutting and pinning
makes my inner lazy girl go nearly apoplectic! ;}

but seriously!
from these scraps she had leftover from a previous "re-do"...

she made this top!
ingenious AND thrifty!
AND all for a good cause!
she is creating something every single day...
made from damaged clothing that several thrift stores
can't sell...
then she is giving the re-made items back to be sold...
all proceeds then go to charity!

go check out what a REFASHIONISTA can re-make in a year!


  1. What a concept! I will have to go check this out.

  2. Amazing and she is adorable!!

  3. Awesome...I am on my way to check her out!

  4. I am headed over to check this chick out! Thanks- xo Diana

  5. that rocks! and no stitch-witchery neithers!


  6. I can only stand back in admiration - she's made some lovely outfits and I really like the blue top. Great that she gives the proceeds to charity too.

  7. Wow I wish I could sew and had such great ideas like her! And it's even more amazing that she does this for charity reasons! Kudos to this talented lady!

  8. Incredible! The talent and the altruism.


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