June 24, 2012

Fat Little Blue Birds!

i really just cannot get enough of fat little blue birds!

go figure, right??!
the girl with the cheeto-stained fingers likes things that are fat! ;}

well she does... and she particularly love these guys!

a royal albert pattern i was lucky enough to find...

but only once! darn the luck!

they are quite chubby!

and a gorgeous shade of blue!

they make you think happy thoughts...
and make you want skip...
{but just for a little while, cuz skipping is exhausting
and we all know that exertion leads to a hostess fruit pie...
and a nap! ;}

and i am not the only admirer!!! ;}

Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
Show & Tell @ My Romantic Home


  1. I love birds, so I had to come see your post when I saw it in my reader. Your teacup and dishes are so cute. Such a shame you can't find any more. Maybe you'll luck out again someday...in the meantime, looking is another excuse to go shopping! Have a great week.

  2. They're precious, Bluebird china costs an arm and a...er... a wing and a leg around here!

  3. Very sweet little blue birds! Yes they do put a smile on my face! Loved seeing your set. Hope you can find another one.

  4. Thanks for the chuckle! Your sweet little birds are oh so pretty! What a wonderful find!

  5. I think my heart just flopped over in my chest when I saw these M! Pretty, pretty, pretty.
    And speaking of pretty...I have just been reading your posts that I have missed and loving all the chintz.
    I would talk longer, but thanks to someone, I am now craving cheetos! Gotta go.
    hugs from me...

  6. I have never seen this pattern - it is so unique and beautiful! Have you tried Replacements Ltd.?? Can you imagine a spring tea table set with this pattern???!!

  7. Great find! And oh yes, your white birdies have a crush! ♥

  8. Oh my gosh! these are gorgeous!!!

  9. me likey the sweet roses between the FLBBs, said the friend with the fingers stained from semi-sweet chocolate morsels that melt in her hand ...


  10. Oh my that is so sweet... the colors are beautiful~!

  11. What a unique Royal Albert find. Love those happy little birds, indeed.

  12. What a Delightful Pattern! I have never seen it before, too bad it isn't more common to Source because it really is Cheerful and Beautiful. Of coarse, something Rarer and not easy to come by or common always tends to hold a special place in our Hearts.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. I'm in love with these!!!!! I've never seen any so cute as these. Lucky you!

  14. Otitis a gorgeous pattern! I love the colors!

  15. I looked for blue bird dishes for a sister a couple years ago and only found it once and haven't seen any since

    it is just to sweet


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