June 15, 2012

Chintz vs Crack...

about a million years ago...or maybe it was 10 or so...my sister and
i were completely lost to the floral powers of chintz...not the
material...the china. {i've told you this before..i know ;}

times changed, lives changed, tastes changed and a we lost contact
with a group of people we had been in daily contact with.

but that all changed a few weeks ago when someone had a brilliant
idea...and another someone made that idea happen...

and we are once again babbling on like borderline-addicts...
"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, where did you ever find that??!!!"
"really...the australian convention??!"
"i really do love the wicker handle so much more than the metal!"
yah...i know...you have to be a cult member to "get" it.

or to appreciate this pristine pair for $12! {the first one i ever bought...
just 1 mind you...was $45! it was sheer madness back then!}
or to laugh...{because you want to cry!} over what you paid for
this or that in the golden days!

there was an article about chintz in the last romantic homes...
maybe it's making a comeback...well, none of us ever lost our
love for it...just the need to spend an entire paycheck on it!
and maybe we are just getting older and that thing they call
nostalgia is grabbing hold! the good old days and all that.
whatever it is...this renaissance is a real blast!

Show & Tell @ My Romantic Home


  1. What a terrific collection! I love them! I don't think the love of chintz is ever out of date!

  2. How nice that you've got in touch with your fellow addicts again:)

  3. Oh- Those are beautiful. I have TWO (count em-2) pieces of chintz that I love. It COULD become an obsession if I let it get started- I love it! xo Diana

  4. Nostalga is a powerful drug! The little chintnz bowl you gave me is still one of my favs!

  5. I could so easily succumb to the lure of Chintz...sooo beautiful! The classics NEVER go out of style or fall from favor.

  6. Adore Chintz but never allowed myself to begin the collection at the prices a piece is going for. Glad to see you have so many lovely patterns. I will admore it from afar. Thanks so much.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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