May 9, 2012

Feeling Irregular...And Loving It!

yes, virginia! that is a burlap T-strap shoe embellished with a vintage flower!
shut up!
i know!

so, i was cruising around amazon, looking for a 1911 american eagle
or something when i happened upon the above...
this gaspalicious shoe...
i had no idea cath kidston made shoes!

but they weren't cath at all...
they are from a magical UK store called IRREGULAR CHOICE !

now, i am certain that many of you are already aware of this wondrous
place...but you know me...i don't get out much...but just one look at the
shape of that toe...and heaven help me...i lusted...AND...i am lusting
still {please add me to your prayer chain!}

but who among you could not lust in the face of such sheer cuteness??!
a polkadotty union jack???!! and as if that wasn't bad enough...

the matching purse almost had me willing to renounce my citizenship!

pink floral union jack pump...
be still my heart!
{charge to 300...clear! ;}

and don't these just scream "and your little dog too!"

while these are totally fit for one short day in the emerald city!

after seeing wicked and mary poppins last year, my sisters
and i were just in love with the shoes they wore...funky, fun
and old fashioned! and these shoes bring them to mind...

a adore ghillies...but ghillies with floral trim???

i am just not strong enough to withstand red & white polka dots!

blue birds! birds! this gives "whimsy" a new meaning!
{ KORALEE needs these! ;}

black patent spats! these people are geniuses...{genui?}
whatever...i love them! what could be cuter?

rose and ticking spats! wow!

ok...maybe these shoes are not quite your cup if tea?
so, i will leave you with this sedate little silver number...
ginger rogers would SO have worn these! ;}

and thus ends my little flight of fancy!
but when you see someone in nutty flowered shoes...
it may very well be me! ;}


  1. Are those gorgeous, or what? I have NEVER seen shoes like that and I have, trust me, seen a lot of shoes. they do flats because this old person living inside my body does NOT wear heels anymore. Tears dripping down my face was the scenario last week as I sorted through and parceled out all my heels. It was a sad, sad day! xo Diana

  2. Yes, flats please, or flatter. I would love a couple of those for myself.

  3. I loved them all - well, some more than others...but they are all so much fun!

  4. I am a flip flop girl but I am loving those shoes! haven't seen anything like it before.

  5. Oh, now you've got me gasping and lusting! But, flats for me too, please.

  6. I agree any of those little numbers in a basic flat would suit me just fine.


  7. Love 'em! I have to go check out that site now! Not that I have anywhere to wear heels like that, but it's always fun to look. I do still have a pair of black and white herringbone heels, in the same style of a lot of these. I'll bet I could add a flower to get the look!

  8. I love the burlap and the union jack shoes and the lovely silver ones at the end - some of the others are a touch too way out for me though. Happily I do still wear heels occasionally and none of those look beyond my capabilities - though some of the ones my daughter wears definitely are!

  9. Wow those are all such awesome shoes!! Thank you for the introduction :)

  10. and, how many did you order? =]

    Actually, how could one choose? but I am with Little Miss Maggie - flats for me - heels just don't work in the countryside, here - not enough pavement!

    You're so cute, too, btw! =D


  11. Oh. My. Goot. Ness. I am in trouble now.

  12. Wow those are adorable! I did see flats on the website! Im looking at my sad boring shoes and wondeing if I could give them a make over... may have to find a pair of cheap shoes at the thrift store or languishing in my closet and make em cuter!

  13. Super cute and super fun! I could never pull them off though!

  14. I'm feeling a lot irregular now too!

  15. OMG! Can't go past the very first pair. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such eye candy for us to drool over. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  16. WOW!!!! Did I die and go to heaven???
    OH HOW I LOVE ME SOME SHOES!!! Y-E-S!!!! I want them all now!!

  17. Oh Jeeze!! I need to go there. Right. Now.

  18. Do you just spend your time shopping and glueing? Why don't we live closer so we could hang out? :-)

  19. So cute! Love the black ones!


  20. A-dor-able!!! I love this style of shoe. they are always comfortable! I have to go check out this site!


love to hear from you! ;}