May 20, 2012

Crappy Crafts And The Crafters Who Craft Them...

me and my big ideas...ok, big ideas might be
overstating things just a tad. let's just go with
me and my dorky ideas...because that's more like

i bought some new pink! vintage-y damasky cuteness...
so fun and feminine...very inspiring!
so, i gathered up my white bits and bobs...and painted a few things

oh, the things i would do!

until i was thwarted...
thwarted by feminine napkins!
{yah...i went there! ;}

the color ran!
i'm wondering if i used mod podge instead of my magical
liquid laminate if i'd have better luck since it's, well, less
liquid and maybe with a bit less need for brushing, the
color would stay put. it's all so very temples
are producing an ache that only a hostess fruit pie can cure!
and if mod podge is not the magic bullet, then they may very
well have to be used as mere weird is that??!!

aaahhhh, my mini canvas...
this looked SO much cuter in my head!
but then i'm a size 6 in my my head
is really quite untrustworthy and borderline

yes, i know! more spoons.
but i have a package of about
these actually turned out ok...ya know...
as far as nonfunctional spoons that are merely
for decoration and therefore serve no
earthly purpose go...these are real doozies! ;}

sometimes the stars just don't align and your visions of
craftily crafted crafts...just turn out crappy. into every life
a crappy craft must fall, i suppose...thank goodness i have
a brand new bag of flaming hot cheetos...nothing says
non-pharmacological mood elevation like frito-lay!

craft on girls!
{and keep that junk food know...just in case! ;}

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  1. It is like this with my photography habit. Sometimes I look at a scene and think it is perfect and then when I photograph it, just doesn't translate! Persevere!!!

  2. I can always count on you for a good funny, feminine napkins...and yes, I've always said that I too was body dysmorphic. but in the good way. I always have to do a double take when I walk by a mirror, like at TJMaxx. who is that old woman and why is she wearing my clothes?

  3. Well, they really don't look so bad to me. Nothing like a few of the Fruit Loop ideas I have come up attaching a blouse to a skirt years ago to make a drop-waisted dress that had the circus come calling to see if I wanted to travel with them. Your "crafts" are actually quite lovely to look at. Can't wait to see what you come up with next-xo Diana

  4. What a shame that the colour ran - though I don't think I'd have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out:) It all looks very pretty especially the spoons.

  5. I love it...."a size 6 in my head!" LOL!!!

    I like your crappy crafts. I have a few of my own, but they have been trashed. Yours are not crappy at all, very pretty.


  6. I think they still look great! I love that design. You find the prettiest napkins.

  7. I'm with Diana - I like 'em! But I do know what you mean about having a vision in your head and then it not coming out quite as you planned it. If I had a dollar for every one of those types of projects, well you know the rest. ;)


  8. I wouldn't worry about the color running a tad. I think they looks great just the way they are!

  9. I always like your ideas - so, if the colour ran a bit it will just look more 'hand made'.

  10. Oh Gal, been there done that! All of the time! Don't worry it happens to all of us! It was a really cute idea though!

  11. HAhaha. Enjoyed this post! Love the spoons!

  12. I think they look fine,,and believe me you are not alone...I can at least say for myself I have made some really crappy crafts..dont let it stop you keep on crafting,,practice makes perfect..

  13. I've had the running happen to me, also. Not me running, but my art project! I don't think I could run if I tried! I was going to say, I've had the runs, but we won't go there! Anyway, you need to spray your paper with a sealer first, then you can mod podge it. They sell the cans of sealer in a locked case at Joanne's to prevent us from huffing the stuff (as if!). I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect project for those feminine napkins and we'll all be wowed. Sometimes it takes a few clunkers before a light bulb goes off in our brains.

  14. No crap, just art from our hearts :) Sometimes they just don't turn out the way we had hoped. Have a large stack of those in my garage :) Here via Get Outta My Head Please, and now following you


  15. I love the fabric, your always so crafty!!!

  16. Oh, you are too funny! Your crafts don't look crappy at all. From the title, I thought you were going to show some of those really funny looking crafts that show up at the goodwill, yard sales and thrift stores. You know the ones that make you say, what were they thinking!

  17. I'm a size 6 in my head too. And, I LIKE your ideas, keep sharing!

  18. I have never been into crafting. I do enjoy very much seeing the talents and creative ideas of others.

  19. I L O V E those pink spoons! So clever! HPS to you! Enjoy your week and have a wonderful evening!


love to hear from you! ;}