May 6, 2012

Add This To My Intervention List! know how when you go to michael's "just for glue" or
"just for white paint" always end up finding a MILLION
cute things you just CANNOT exist without!!! but when you
go there with a gift card...or in my case 4 gift get
really cheap and stingy and keep thinking, "nah, that's not
worth $2!" or "naaaaah, i don't need that..." {and somewhere
in your brain you hear "WHO ARE YOU??! AND WHAT HAVE
WITH??!!" ;}
well, i did manage to spend a couple of the gift cards...someone
has to make this economy go and i am nothing if not a sacrificial
lamb! ok, more like a rump roast...but you get my meaning! ;}
so...i bought that mini sconce-y thing above...without the
merest intention of ever using it in a sconce-ish manner!
i know! what would emily post say??!!

a sane person would think that my trunk full of the mid-day
sun...would have been the nudge i needed to make my little sojourn to
michael's a speedy one...but was the knowledge that i had a brand
spankin' new bottle of liquid laminate awaiting me!
and a plan for that little sconce-y thing!

once upon a time this was a little chintz trinket tray...alas it had farrrrrrrr
too much orange for my spray painted white...a few years ago...
ok, probably 4 - 5 years ago...and it has been sitting on shelf in my pantry
ever since...awaiting inspiration...and growing a beard! ;}

yes! i napoupaged it!

along with these acorns...they are my jeanne de corns...i just know
that this is how they grow in scandanavia...right?

then i flipped that little sconce-y thing right over and made it into
a little cloche-y thing...just like i had imagined it!

but my jeanne de corns seemed to get lost in all the napoupage
matchy-matchy-ness! so, i cloched a shell instead {i'm not really
sure if that is the right term, "cloched" fact, it sounds a bit
scandalous... ;}

well, mini-cloche and i are quite happy together! and my jeanne de corns
will find their own place in my world can bet a bottle of liquid
laminate on it! ;}

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since i didn't want any of my precious liquid laminate to go to

i figured i might as well cover a few switch plates too.


  1. Wow! What wonderful makeovers you did with the soncie thingies and switch covers. I would have never made it out of Mitchael's without spending every dime of the gift cards....what can I say, if I have them I spend them..LOL

  2. OMG, love the switchplate! What a great idea to make them pretty. I have a bunch here just waiting for something. Now I just need to find some pretty napkins or paper to use on them!

  3. are hilarious! I really enjoy your writing style. :D Cute Cloch-y thingy-ma-bob!
    And whataya know!?! I'm helping to drive the economy too...usually at Hobby Lobby.

  4. Who needs Dish network and netflix when one has you M???? I can come here and learn a new DIY project and get a laugh at the same time. Martha Stewart has nothing over you! And you have a personality : ))))))and sense of humor!!!
    sending hugs...

  5. oh, my...then I shouldn't tell you that I just got the ad for what's on sale at Michael's just for tomorrow, Monday May 7th, and it's that too fab Martha Stewart paint that covers everything! I will be there to pick up a few new shades, plus one I just used and love called 'wet cement'!
    I have to tell you everytime I see your name 'oc cottage' I think you must be a neighbor, because I live in the 'oc' also...except mine is in Oregon and it's Oregon City- we are the original OC! at least we like to think so. ;o)

  6. Looks great--I haven't used that product before. Want to now!

  7. What great ideas - thank you for sharing.


  8. LOL....great post. I went to Michaels the other day only to find they were moving. They apparently had a big sale, which I missed and there was nothing left! Bummer!
    Love your idea for the sconce.

  9. Sooo coo!!! I love everything that you created with your liquid laminate!! I have never heard of it but am off to google it right now :)

  10. Wow! How clever are you!!!! I love the sconce and everything else you have photographed, wonderful!

  11. Your posts always make me chuckle! I have never heard of liquid laminate, so I will be looking out for it, thanks for the idea! Jean

  12. Hi darling, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing the inspiration. hugs ~lynne~

  13. ROFL! Thanks for the laugh. Liquid laminate is fun to work with. I see your on a roll with it. I love your projects!


  14. Lol I just posted something similar today about going into the craft stores! Love your projects!

  15. First time to your blog and loving your liquid laminate projects! Liquid Laminate? Now why didn't WE think of that???? Fabulous!

  16. HAHAHAHAH I love love love your muse! Love the projects even more!


  17. I love all your amazing treasures you craft. Thank you ever so much for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  18. No way I'm stopping you! You're on a creative roll and ALL of those look so pretty!


love to hear from you! ;}